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    Data Sheet

    Material Safety Data Sheet

    Product Overview

    Code: P5, P6
    Size: 236mm x 173mm x 380mm
    Motor Size: 750W

    Featured Case Studies

    Installing a Full Pumping System for Continuing Power During Outage

    Flood Defence Systems Installed To Three Cottages in Oxford

  • High performance ground and clean water pump. The NP750 is available as an automatic pump or as a manual pump for use with our pump control systems. The NP750 is available as pump only, or as a key component in our Newton Titan-Pro packaged pump systems. It can be used with Newton Victron Power Inverter 12/3000/125 to give continual pumping during power outage.

    The NP750 is supplied with a 2” female BSP threaded outlet ready for 50mm or 63mm pressure rated pipe and fittings. Pressure pipe, fittings and one-way-valves should be ordered with the pump. When supplied within the Titan-Pro pumping systems, the internal pipe work and one-way-valve are included. 

    Two versions of the pump are available: Purchase Code P5 is the automatic self switching pump and Purchase Code P6 is the manual version for use with our pump control systems.

    Key Benefits

    Thermal overload protection against motor burnout

    Non-clogging vortex impeller

    Protection against motor burnouts due to a locked impeller

    Double mechanical seals ensure increased durability against particle abrasion and wear

    Anti-airlock impellor housing ensures that the pump is able to remove trapped air even when the sump was previously dry

    High performance and efficiency, even with a low current

    Auto model has a unique vertical float that allows complete adjustment of the start and stop heights

    Typical Applications

    Primarily designed to be used with Newton sump systems for the removal of ground water collected by the Newton System 500 basement waterproofing system, Newton NP750 can also be used for the removal of water from:

    Flooded basements and cellars


    Surface drainage collection vessels

    Reservoirs and water holding vessels


    Newton pumps prefixed NP are supplied by Newton Waterproofing Systems with a 3-year back-to-base warranty. This is increased to 5-years if under a servicing regime by a Newton approved servicing company/engineer.