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    Product Overview

    Code: T21-T31
    Colour: Black 

  • The Newton Titan-2 is ideally suited for receiving connections from rainwater gullies and surface slot drainage entering the sump through optional 110 mm wall flanges for connection to incoming pipework.
    Key Benefits

    Compatible with Newton NP and CP clean water pumps

    Compact size allows installation to locations that are too tight for larger pumping systems

    Fully built system includes all internal pipe and pipe fittings ready for 50mm discharge pipe

    One-way valve for each pump included

    Quick release coupling for each pump for easy installation and removal for servicing

    Newton PA50 High Water Level Alarm included

    Supplied with sealed and locked recessed lid. High end finish lids and frames are available as cost options (see datasheet)

    Flat areas to side of chamber ready for wall flanges to receive incoming 110mm drainage pipes. Wall flanges are available as cost options (see datasheet)

    Large foot to base of chamber to prevent flotation

    Typical Applications
    The Titan-2 is specifically designed for the pumping of water from:

    Basements and cellars


    Gullies and surface slot drainage