• Product News

      NHBC, BBA and BDA Product Approvals for Newton

      Newton’s name in the UK is synonymous with the highest levels of product quality and technical service, and this has now been bolstered by two more Newton products achieving third-party Agrément® approvals.

    • Product News

      Three new BBA certified damp proofing products from Newton

      Newton Waterproofing Systems expands its existing Damp Proofing System with the addition of these three new products, the range now contains a comprehensive choice of products that can be utilised in different combinations dependent on the scenario. For example, Newton System 800 damp proof membranes can be used with Newton 804-DPC as an alternative to rendering with Newton 808-RA.

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      Introducing the Newton Waterproofing Index

      To assist the specifier in deciding on the correct waterproofing specification, the Newton Waterproofing Index (or 'NWI') is a unique waterproofing specification tool, has been developed as a means of assessing the ability of a waterproofing specification to successfully protect an earth-retaining or below-ground structure. 

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      Membrane Recyling Service

      In partnership with our Newton Specialist Basement Contractor (NSBC) network, Newton is proud to introduce our NSBC Membrane Recycling Service to the Structural Waterproofing Industry. The Service is a tailor made “back to base” membrane recycling facility, whereby Newton and their NSBCs actively recycle off-cuts of virgin and recycled HDPE from commercial and domestic construction sites throughout the UK. 

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      Creating Strength and Depth in Waterproofing in Scotland and the North

      The UK’s Leading Independent Waterproofing Supplier Joins Forces With Scotland’s Leading Waterproofing Contractor. As the first company to introduce the concept of an approved contractor scheme in the waterproofing industry, Newton Waterproofing Systems always selectively picks the members of its Newton Specialist Basement Contractor (NSBC) network.

    • Product News

      Newton Expands Deck Waterproofing Capabilities

      As a proactive and forward-thinking company that already boasts an extensive choice of waterproofing products for all potential solutions and structures, the challenge for Newton’s product team nowadays lies both in ensuring that any gaps in the capabilities of the product range are swiftly and effectively plugged, but also in ensuring that the product offering stays up to date with contemporary technological and chemical advancements.

    • Product News

      Updates for Newton’s Waterproof Coatings

      As a part of its recent campaign to expand upon its existing product range, the raft of changes has also included Newton Waterproofing Systems bringing in new products to not only improve upon their existing product capabilities but to also replace existing product specifications, rather than simply adding more into the mix.

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