Waterproofing Systems / System 700

System 700 Coatings

System 700 is a range of liquid applied protective and decorative internal flooring products. These products are fast curing and available in a variety of colours, and are typically used for the refurbishment and protection of commercial and domestic floors.

  • Newton 701 HB

    High Build Epoxy Floor Coating

    Two-component solvent free epoxy resin based floor coating developed to provide protective and decorative properties to concrete, steel and other substrates.

  • Newton 702 Floorgum Paint

    Multi-Purpose Low Thickness Pedestrian Coating

    One component walkable coating. Formulated from innovative water-based resins to obtain a low-thickness coat that is easy to apply, elastic, with non-slip properties and high resistance to temperature and weathering.

  • Newton 703 Floorgum Tyre

    Multi-Purpose Low Thickness Vehicular Coating

    One component synthetic coating suitable for vehicles. Water-based product formulated with innovative resins to obtain a low-thickness coat, easy to apply, with non-slip properties and high abrasion resistance.

  • Newton 706-HB

    High-Build and Self-Smoothing Epoxy/Cement Coating

    Two-component epoxy and cementitous modified polymer coating for the protection of concrete floors in demanding environments. The hard and durable 2 mm thick coating provides multi-functional protection for concrete floors and decks.

  • Newton 707-C

    Hard-Wearing and Trafficable Protective Coating

    Single-component, coloured, two coat, hard-wearing protective coating with good bond characteristics. Consisting of an acrylic resin dispersion, the product is excellent for the sealing and coating of concrete and for use as a protective wearing coat.