How to waterproof decks and balconies

Firstly it is important to look at the location of the deck. In some cases the deck will be buried, and in others it will be exposed, and so subject to wear and weathering, and so it is important that the right products are specified to suit the end use of the deck. Balconies will usually be above ground so the product choice will often be more straightforward. 

How to decide which products to use

Deck and balcony waterproofing products should have a very good bond to the substrate they are applied to, and this is especially the case where the deck is exposed and subject to wear and weathering, where the deck waterproofing materials will also need to be slip resistant and able to deal with UV also. 

Newton offer a wide range of products for waterproofing concrete decks, that cover all end uses, including vapour permeable and vapour impermeable options as well as a selection of primers, wearing coats, multi-coat systems and drainage membranes. The product, or products selected for the project are very much dependent on the intended use, and on the location of the area – for example if a deck is exposed to the elements then the product selection would be different to a scenario where the deck is covered. 

Newton’s technical experts can help design a solution which is right for your project.

Who installs the products?

As with all waterproofing systems, the correct design and application will ensure the products fulfil the design function and provide internal conditions which are fit for purpose in terms of the area’s required use.

These products should only be installed by those with expertise in the preparation of deck substrates and the correct installation of concrete deck waterproofing systems, and we can offer training and site support for those wishing to be approved Newton Deck Waterproofing Contractors. Alternatively, we can provide you with a list Newton Specialist Contractors (NSBCs) in your area. They can provide insured installation guarantees for their work and take on full design liability on all elements of waterproofing for your project. 

What Next?

Do contact us on 01732 360 095 or so we can help with your project and help you to select the best products for your requirements. We are always happy to look at technical drawings with you so as to advise on the best approach for protecting against water ingress and dampness. 
"As a long-standing Newton customer, we’re always being kept up to date and supported with the latest product developments, like Newton 109-LM Rubber Waterproofing Membrane, and getting the right training for our contractors. The liquid rubber is something we’ve used before and it’s always really quick and easy to apply, regardless of how it’s applied or what it’s being used for. Using the drainage membrane alongside was good for this job too, as it meant the finishes could be put back in quickly. Gunwharf Quays was back in use swiftly."

Simon Towers, Rubber Spray Solutions

Gunwharf Quays Case Study

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