• Newton 801-M Mastic Sealant

    Newton 801-M Mastic Sealant Is Used With 805 Newlath And 803 Newtonite – Applied to the plug before fixing into the membrane.

  • Newton 803

    Can be used as an alternative to Newton 803 Newtonite and 805 Newlath where a meshed surface is not required as a surface for direct plastering or rendering. Buy Now, Next Day Delivery.

  • Newton 803 Newtonite

    Composite damp-proofing membrane comprising of high density polypropylene membrane with a rot-proof polythene mesh heat welded during the manufacturing process. Buy Now, Next Day Delivery.

  • Newton 804-DPC

    BBA certified, high strength damp proofing cream that is injected into the mortar bed to form an effective damp proof course to protect the wall from rising damp, and is even effective to walls that are at 95% saturation.

  • Newton 805 Newlath

    Composite damp-proofing membrane comprising of high density polypropylene. Buy Now, Next Day Delivery.

  • Newton 806 CWC

    Anti-Mould and Anti-Condensation Paint for poorly insulated surfaces. Comprises specific mineral powders which, thanks to their insulating features, keep the surface to which it is applied warmer, eliminating any thermal bridge. Buy Now, Next Day Delivery.

  • Newton 807 BKK eco

    Water Repellent Treatment For Exposed Walls – Transparent colourless wall coating, water and siloxane based, ideal to protect porous walls of various substrates from wind driven rain. Buy Now, Next Day Delivery.

  • Newton 808-RA

    High performance, BBA certified, salt-retarding render additive that, when mixed with gauging water to produce a sand-cement render, resists water movement from damp walls after the installation of Newton 804-DPC injected damp proof course.

  • Newton 809-DPC

    BBA certified, high performance damp proof course that will not extrude under extreme load, and will not affect the ability of a well designed and built wall to sustain and transmit compression. Compatible with all common building materials and suitable for all designs for different damp proof courses.

  • Newton System 800

    A selection of specialist ancillary products that are critically important for the correct installation of Newton System 800 damp proofing membranes.

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