Upcoming RIBA CPD Roadshows

Newton Waterproofing Systems will be presenting their CPD on 'Structural Waterproofing Design Strategies to BS 8102:2009' at the following RIBA CPD Roadshow:

London, 30th January 2020 - 09:30 to 10:30

Canterbury, 24th September 2020 - 12:00 to 13:00

Manchester, 3rd December 2020 - 10:45 to 11:45

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  • Newton frequently delivers our most popular RIBA Approved CPD on Waterproofing Design Strategies to the BS 8102:2009 ‘Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water From the Ground ’ to specifiers across the country.
    The CPD can be presented at your office, viewed at one of the RIBA CPD Roadshows, or watched online (please contact us for this service).

    Newton Waterproofing Systems are also the first in our industry to offer a RIBA Approved Factory Tour. The tour offers specifiers a practical demonstration of the installation of Type A, B and C structural waterproofing systems, as well as educating designers on their obligations when specifying below ground waterproofing in accordance with BS 8102:2009.

“Everyone in the office found Newton’s CPD presentation incredibly informative and enlightening, helped by the fact that it was delivered by an expert speaker who engaged with the audience. Having the added benefit of a Newton Specialist Contractor present also gave a new dimension to the CPD, providing our staff with a welcome insight into the challenges of waterproofing installation on site.”

Louise Duval, HollandGreen Architecture & Interiors

Double Points RIBA Approved CPD

Newton Waterproofing Systems offer the following RIBA Approved CPDs for architects, engineers and construction industry professionals:
  • CPD 1 - Structural Waterproofing Design Strategies to BS 8102:2009

    Our top-rated RIBA CPD, consisting of a 45 minute presentation plus Q&A either at your offices or at Newton's dedicated training facility at our head office in Tonbridge, Kent.

    Please contact us with suitable dates.

    About the Seminar

    The seminar focuses on the different forms of structural waterproofing systems on the market and how to waterproof to achieve the environmental grades required within BS 8102:2009, including: 

    A focus on how combination waterproofing systems are specified for below ground environments on both new-build and existing structures 

    Section details discussion on how different waterproofing designs interface with below ground structures

  • CPD 2 - Factory Tour

    Our Factory Tour CPD must be carried out at our head office and training facility in Tonbridge, Kent. 

    About the Seminar

    The objectives are to educate the specifier on their design obligations within the UK structural waterproofing industry in accordance with BS 8102:2009. 

    The Factory Tour is separated into two components:

    The first part is the classroom section, which outlines the different types of waterproofing systems available, and how they can be used in combination with each other in order to protect structures to the highest level

    The second part of the tour includes a practical demonstration of different waterproofing systems, an overview of the battery backup protection available, and how cementitious coatings can be spray-applied.

    The tour will conclude with a light buffet lunch and the opportunity for a Q & A session.

  • CPD 3 - A Designers Guide to Type C Internal Basement Waterproofing to BS 8102

    Newton's newest CPD consists of a 45 minute presentation plus Q&A, and can be delivered either at your offices or at Newton's training facility in Tonbridge.

    Please contact us with suitable dates.

    About the Seminar

    The seminar explores waterproofing design requirements in accordance with currently legislation, British Standards and NHBC standards, with the aim of providing:

    An understanding of the evolution of Type C internal cavity drain waterproofing

    An examination of the importance of the requirement for maintainability within BS 8102:2009

    An understanding of the related sustainability issues and the importance of using specialist waterproofing designers and contractors

"Newton went out of their way to provide a CPD that was not only engaging and up-to-date, but that was specifically tailored to our relevant areas of work. The speaker was also extremely knowledgeable, and ensured that his answers accommodated both the most experienced and the newest members of our team in equal measure. We will certainly be in touch with Newton in future to discuss our upcoming projects.

 Damon Hilliard, BDB Design LLP

Booking Your CPD

Please use the form below or contact Becky Woodley directly on 01732 360 095 or email:  beckyw@newtonwaterproofing.co.uk to book your CPD.

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“On behalf of The British Board of Agrément, I would like to thank you for the quality of your CPD training provided to a number of technical Project Managers and other staff members."

Mike Wiseman Phd, British Board of Agrément