• Newton 901-P

    Vapour barrier and primer for newly placed or damp concrete and screed, applied to damp and porous surfaces as a pre-primer prior to the application of Newton 902-P.

  • Newton 902-P

    Solvent-free, damp-tolerable and epoxy-based primer applied to non-porous surfaces as a barrier to residual substrate moisture and vapour within concrete and screeds.

  • Newton 903-P Primer

    For concrete that is applied prior to the installation of Newton’s cementitious waterproofing membranes and concrete repair products.

  • Newton 904-RT

    Reinforcement Tape for Sealing External Corners of Newton 410 Geodrain.

  • Newton 905-CM

    Newton 905-CM is a water-based curing compound which inhibits the effects of sun and wind on liquid waterproofing membranes and so extends the curing time to ensure full cement hydration and full strength of the product.

  • Newton 906

    Lime Inhibitor For Application To Concrete Surfaces – Applied to concrete surfaces prior to the installation of a Newton System 500 cavity drain membrane waterproofing system to prevent the ‘leaching’ of free lime from the concrete.

  • Newton 908 LiquaBond

    Formulated acrylic admixture used both as a primer for wet-to-dry cementitious systems and as a high performance admixture in cement based mixes.

  • Newton 912-RT

    Reinforcement Tape for Covering Cracks, Joints, and Changes in Direction alongside Newton Liquid Applied Membranes and Coatings.

  • Newton 914-RT

    Reinforcement Tape for Covering Protrusions, Static Joints, and Covered Movement Joints alongside Newton 108 HydroBond-LM and 109-LM.

Items Related to System 900 - Primers, Preparation & Reinforcement

  • Mixers & Equipment

    When mixing any of Newton’s advanced Liquid Waterproofing Membranes, High Build Cement Mortars, or Coatings, Newton Waterproofing Systems recommends that Collomix mixing technology and equipment be used in order to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your mixing on-site.

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