• Newton CP250/CP400/CP750

    Ideally suited for the removal of ground water from basements and cellars. Sold in manual and automatic versions and can be purchased as pumps only, or as a key component in our packaged pumping systems.

  • Newton NP400 P2 & P3

    A high head and high to medium performance pump. The NP400 is available as an automatic pump (as shown), or as a manual pump for use with our pump control systems.

  • Newton NP400 PP

    The Newton NP400 PP is a 400 watt puddle pump specifically designed for pumping water down to extremely low levels of just 1mm in depth.

  • Newton NP400 LLPS SP1

    A pumping system based around the Newton NP400PP puddle pump. The NP400 LLPS has a small control panel and low level switching module added to the NP400PP puddle pump that will give safe switching of water levels of just 10mm.

  • Newton NP750 P5 & P6

    Available as an automatic pump or as a manual pump for use with our pump control systems. The NP750 is available as pump only, or as a key component in our Newton Titan-Pro packaged pump systems.

  • Newton NP400W P4

    This pump has been specifically placed within the Newton pumping range for when dishwasher, washing machine or bath / shower waste is to be removed from the sump. 

  • Newton NP750W

    Effluent pump for the removal of waste water from the Newton Titan-Pro sump chambers or formed concrete chambers. The NP750W is an automatic pump with a specially designed adjustable float arrangement that cannot be fouled by hardened soaps, effluent and grease etc.

  • Newton SP750 Cutter

    High quality sewage pump incorporating a tungsten carbide tipped cutting impeller that rotates against a serrated suction cover in order to cut solid waste before pumping, resulting in a much lower risk of blockage than similar sized vortex impeller pumps.

  • Newton Titan-Pro

    The Titan-Pro packaged sump system is designed specifically to be used with Newton System 500. The adjustable neck allows for the sump to be installed at a fixed height relative to the slab.

  • Newton Titan-S

    A general purpose pumping system for the pumping of ground water or surface water where the added features of the Titan-Pro are not required, suitable for use with our range of clean and effluent pumps.

  • Newton Titan-2

    Compact pumping system incorporating an octagonal sump chamber, class-leading pumps, a lock & seal lid and frame, a Newton High Water Level Alarm, internal pipework, one-way valves, and a quick release shut-off valve for quick release of the pumps for servicing. 

  • Newton Trojan

    A specialist pumping system suitable for a variety of pumping tasks, ranging from the lifting of sewage from basements to a higher level sewage system, to the removal of groundwater and surface drainage. The sump is available in depths of 1m and 1.5m.

  • Victron Inverters

    The Victron range of Inverter/Chargers provide advanced solutions to ensure that Newton Pumping Systems continue pumping during power interruption by inverting 12V DC power from a battery (or multiple batteries) to clean and efficient 230V power. 

  • Newton Pump Controller CP9

    The Newton Pump Controller is designed to be used with matched pairs of manual versions of Newton Pumps of 250 watts to 750 watts, and provides a sophisticated, yet simple to install - twin pump control system which offers some of the features of the Newton Control Panel-Pro, but at a lower cost.

  • Newton Control Panel-Pro

    The Newton Control Panel-Pro is a class-leading pump control panel with many unique features, which has been designed by Newton Waterproofing Systems to provide the ultimate in pump operation and diagnostics.

  • Newton CP8

    The Newton CP8 sewage control panel is designed to be used with pairs of Newton SP sewage pumps of up to 16 amps, 2200 watts, within sewage and foul pumping systems. The panel is simple to install and provides a robust solution for twin pump sewage pumping systems, enclosed in an IP55 rated casing.

  • Newton High Level Water Alarm PA50

    The Newton High Level Water Alarm – PA50 has been designed to detect high water levels within pump sump chambers and is included within the Newton Titan-Pro and Newton Titan pumping systems. The alarm is battery operated and uses a standard 9V PP3 battery.

  • Newton Dialer PA5

    Provides enhanced alarm capability to the Newton PA50 High Water Level Alarm fitted as part of a Newton Pumping System. The PA5 Dialer will contact up to 8 persons by text or speech to warn of an alarm condition.

“In the world of waterproofing, specifiers and architects, Newton Waterproofing systems products are class leading. And a vast range of well researched pumping and control systems to complement the industry”

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