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Newton 301 EasyProof (SX301)

Metal Construction Joint Water Bar

Newton 301 EasyProof is a coated metal water bar system used for the sealing of construction joints within retained concrete structures. It features an adhesive, reactive polymer coating on one of its sides. The coating creates a permanent watertight seal with the surrounding concrete to create a water bar that works immediately.

  • Key Benefits

    Does not need to swell to be effective as is the case with hydrophilic water bars.

    Extremely high bond between the polymer coating and the surrounding concrete ensuring that water cannot pass even where the concrete has slightly shrunk during curing.

    No kicker or rebate required, reducing site labour costs.

    100% waterproof up to 7 bar of water pressure.

    Preformed corner parts for quick site installation.

    More durable than conventional water bars – not easily damaged or moved by the placing or compacting of concrete.

    Can be installed in any weather and at any temperature.

    Typical Applications

    The waterproofing of construction joints to poured concrete elements of earth retained structures.

    The following construction joints can be waterproofed with Newton 301 EasyProof:

    Raft – Raft

    Raft – Wall

    Wall – Wall

    Wall – Deck

    Slab – Slab

    Slab – Wall

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    Data Sheet  

    Product Overview

    Code: SX301
    Size: 140mm x 6m
    Colour: Silver/Black

    BIM Object

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“I use Newton Waterproofing Systems because of the friendly and efficient service that we get - nothing is ever too much trouble. The products are excellent and I like being part of the research and development of their products to the ongoing benefit of the waterproofing industry. In addition I like the fact that my company is associated with the market leaders in structural waterproofing.” 

Ian MacLennan, MacLennan UK (Newton Specialist Basement Contractor)