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    A comprehensive portfolio of liquid applied membranes for all substrates and all applications, ranging from very Waterproofing the Park Avenue, Sunbury-on-Thames development of 193 apartments and houses with Newton 403 HydroBond. HydroBond is an externally applied fully membrane, which provides a Type A (barrier) waterproofing solution. 

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Park Avenue in Sunbury-on-Thames

Crest Nicholson were responsible for the development of Park Avenue in Sunbury-on-Thames, a combination of 193 apartments and spacious executive homes. The site was the old training grounds for London Irish Rugby club.


Newton 403 HydroBond was applied to this development to provide a complete waterproof envelope to the structure to provide a Type A (barrier) waterproofing solution suitable for Grades 1, 2 and 3 as defined by BS8102:2009. HydroBond is a very high performance composite sheet membrane that features a locking fleece to one side and a polymer hydrophilic coating to the other.

  • When placed below a new raft, the poured concrete engages into the locking fleece.

  • Reinforcement steel can be placed on top of the HydroBond ready for the concrete to be placed

  • Newton 403 HydroBond is a very high performance composite sheet membrane that features a locking fleece to one side and a polymer hydrophilic coating to the other side. It is suitable for application under reinforced concrete rafts and pre-application to reinforced concrete retaining walls.


HydroBond is suitable for use around below ground reinforced concrete structures, and the self-healing and fully bonded membrane protects the slab from water ingress via shrinkage cracks. Heavy objects can be placed on top of HydroBond. If the membrane is damaged/ punctured by 10mm or more a simple repair can be made by applying a patch and securing with HydroBond tape. Once HydroBond has been laid on to the oversite substrate, reinforcement steel can be placed on top ready for the concrete.

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