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    Treating Very High Radon Levels In A Basement, Derbyshire

  • Key Benefits of Newton PAC 500
    The Newton PAC 'Positive Air Curtain' 500 System is a combined basement waterproofing and ground gas mitigation system which successfully controls both water and gas levels within below ground/retaining structures.

    This patented system combines the Newton System 500 Cavity Drain waterproofing system, installed by our Newton Specialist Basement Contractor Network, with a positive pressure air delivery system, installed by Prestige Air Technology.

    The Newton Specialist Basement Contractor undertaking the work guarantees both the design and installation of the system and these can be further underwritten by an independent insurance scheme. Prestige Air provide integrity testing for the gas resistance of the installed membranes.

    Typical Applications
    Provides protection against:

    Radon Gas

    Methane Gas

    Hydrocarbons and Carbon Dioxide

    Petroleum and Diesel contaminated soils

    Water ingress

    The system includes a durable membrane Newton 508, that doubles as a drainage membrane and void former to allow for throughput of the air pressure created by the Air Curtain. Newton 508, and its associated jointing and sealing products, have third party testing accreditation for  radon permeability.

    The system can be installed in clearly defined stages depending upon the levels of ground gas identified or expected. The ability to upgrade the system dependent upon post installation testing makes the PAC system highly cost effective – one that can be tailored to each individual circumstance.

    Newton PAC-500 Components:

    Newton 508 Membrane

    Newton NuSeal Plugs

    Newton WaterSeal Rope

    Newton WaterSeal Tape

    Newton Overtape

    Newton Basedrain

    Newton Titan-Pro

    Prestige Air 100mm PDU

    PAC Air Input Manifold