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    Damp Proofing Internal Walls

    With the high level of rainfall in the UK, the average home is subjected to a lot of rainwater, so it is no surprise that damp can become a big problem for many. Damp on internal walls can look very unsightly, often causes a bad smell in the house, and can cause permanent damage to plaster, paint and finishes. It can also be bad for our health, aggravating respiratory problems and encouraging the emergence of mites and mould. Damp proofing internal walls is essential for walls affected by damp – but firstly it is important to identify the cause of the damp problems.

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Identifying The Cause Of The Dampness

Common damp problems and possible causes include:

  • Rising Damp

    Lack of a damp proof course in old houses

    Failure of the damp proof course

    External ground levels that are higher than the damp proof course

  • Penetrating Damp

    Cracked masonry

    Poor pointing

    Defective rainwater goods such as gutters or downpipes

    Penetration from driving rain

  • Condensation

    Poorly ventilated rooms

    Areas of high humidity e.g. bathrooms

    The appearance of mould on the walls

Newton Treatments For Damp Problems

Newton's product range consists of BBA certified damp proofing products to provide a comprehensive solution for damp problems.

Much like the best waterproofing solutions, the best damp proofing solutions use different products in combination to form the most comprehensive defence possible. Always feel free to contact our technical department on 01732 360 095 or tech@newtonwaterproofing.co.uk and we can assist in ascertaining the cause of your damp problem, and recommending the most suitable combination of products for your project. 

The Newtonite Damp Proofing System now contains a comprehensive range of products that can be utilised in different combinations dependent on the scenario. For example, Newton Damp Proofing membranes can be used together with Newton 804-DPC where the wait time for the wall to dry out is not practical, or as an alternative to direct rendering with Newton 808-RA render. Newton also recognise that in some situations it will not always be possible, practical or recommended to inject a new DPC and a wall membrane will be the only solution in many circumstances.

Collectively, the products within the Newtonite System make it possible to deal with all forms of dampness, from rising damp to penetrating damp, residual hygroscopic damp to condensation, and provide the client with a fully BBA certified solution.

Below Ground Damp Problems

If your damp problems are in a basement or cellar area, a full waterproofing system is essential to protect your property against water. Please see this article for more information about our basement waterproofing solutions: Basement Waterproofing: An Overview

Damp Proofing Shop

You can buy Newton 803 Newtonite Damp Proof Membrane for next day delivery via our Damp Proofing Shop. You can buy the rolls of membrane individually or as part of our 7.5m2, 10m2, 15m2 and 40m2 damp proofing packs, which contain all the ancillaries you need.

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