As a result of Newton's drive to improve the environmental impact, in 2017 a total of 3.255 tonnes of membrane was collected for recycling.

Launched in 2017, the Newton Membrane Recycling Service is the first recycling scheme of its kind in the UK waterproofing industry. Available through Newton's Network of Specialist Contractors (NSBCs), the service collects the waste membrane and processes it at Newton's Kent headquarters. It is then recycled by a third-party and manufactured into new construction products, therefore achieving a fully 'closed-loop' recycling process. 

To provide this service, Newton has dedicated drivers who will pick up HDPE from the site or offices of our NSBC network for recycling back at our head office in Tonbridge, Kent. The recycled off-cuts are also collected at the same time as new construction membranes are being delivered, thus saving on dedicated pick ups and the associated carbon emissions. 

We are working with RECOUP to discover ways to recycle post-industrial plastics within the construction industry. RECOUP CEO Stuart Foster comments:

“We are delighted that Newton Waterproofing Systems are investing in membership of RECOUP and have taken the lead in looking at ways post-industrial plastics can be recycled by the construction industry. Utilising the knowledge and membership links that RECOUP have to increase and improve plastics recycling through their Membrane Recycling Service shows real commitment and foresight from the company’s leadership”

Anyone for a cuppa?

  • By recycling this quantity of HDPE plastic, Newton have avoided the release of 3.74 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide equivalent into the atmosphere

    To create the same quantity of emissions by burning fuel would require 1,702 litres of petrol

    This energy would be enough to make 519,690 cups of tea!!

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