The Project

With the lower ground floor of each new unit requiring earth-retaining elevations and a habitable internal space, a structural waterproofing specialist was required as an integral part of the design team.

Newton Specialist Contractor Protectahome were approached by the property developer to fulfill this role, and provide a guaranteed and cost effective scheme that would comply with the requirements of both BS 8102:2009 and any third-party warranty providers.

  • The naturally sloping site required large excavations in order to accommodate the 12 new-build properties

  • Once excavated and with the blockwork in place, the structure was ready to be waterproofed

  • The blockwork retaining walls required both Type A external and Type C internal waterproofing protection

The Solution

Protectahome’s CSSW qualified surveyor worked alongside the project designers and engineers in order to design a combined waterproofing solution, bringing together Type A (barrier) and Type C (drained) protection in order to create a Grade 3 (habitable) internal environment.

The Type A system was achieved with the Newton HydroBond System, utilising a Newton 109-LM seamless rubber waterproofing membrane externally to the blockwork structure, before protecting the membrane and the structure with Newton 410 GeoDrain drainage membrane, protection boards, free-draining backfill and a serviceable land drain.

With the structure complete, the internal waterproofing was provided with the Newton CDM System, utilising a Newton 508 cavity drain membrane with Basedrain perimeter drainage to direct captured water to a safe passive drainage point, thanks to the sloping nature of the site.

Working with a manufacturer such as Newton, particularly on new build projects, is a great advantage due to the comprehensive range of waterproofing products that they have developed. It allows us to confidently specify combined waterproofing systems that comply with both NHBC/LABC requirements and BS 8102:2009.

Protectahome Ltd - Newton Specialist Basement Contractor

  • Protectahome’s specialist operatives installed a neat and fully maintanable Newton CDM System 

  • The dual systems were required in order to provide the desired Grade 3 habitable space internally 

  • Each of the 12 new properties are luxury units in rural Holmfirth that will sell for £400,000 each 

The Result

The professional installation was completed both on time and within budget by Protectahome’s specialist operatives, and was also covered by a long-term guarantee for each property, issued by Protectahome.

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