The Project

Lillie Square Phase 1 required the formation of a water tight basement to house the luxury private residents club serving the entire property development.

Newton Specialist Contractor Stonehouse Property Care were consulted at an early stage to be part of the design team and provide a guaranteed waterproofing solution that would comply with the requirements of both BS 8102:2009 and any third-party warranty providers.

  • The development is one of the largest in London, stretching from Chelsea to Kensington

  • The large Newton cavity drain membrane installations were achieved using special Newton MultiPlugs

  • The System 500 membranes link between the floor and walls to provide complete protection

The Solution

Designing a combined waterproofing solution using three forms of waterproofing to avoid the risk of any future moisture ingress which would damage the high quality finishes and disrupt club members. Stonehouse applied the principle of BS8102:2009 to create a Grade 3 (habitable) internal environment this involved external Type A (barrier), an integral water-resistant Type B concrete barrier and a full internal Newton Type C cavity drain membrane system. Stonehouse installed 4 sump chambers, 8 sump pumps and 4 battery back-up systems together with the targeted application of Newton 107F reinforcement at vulnerable positions within the construction.

This Newton system forms the crucial barrier to any risk of water ingress and has an extendable 10 Year Guarantee with independent insurance backing. Stonehouse Property Care will service the pumps annually and provide support if required.

The Type A system was achieved with Newton 107F cementitious, liquid-applied waterproofing membrane, a Type B concrete barrier, and the Type C internal waterproofing using the Newton CDM System cavity drain waterproofing, installed throughout the basement area of the clubhouse, with four Titan-Pro sump chambers containing dual NP400 pumps, as well as Newton High Water Alarms, Inverters and Battery Back-Up protection creating a truly failsafe system.

“Stonehouse Property Care have worked closely with Newton Waterproofing Systems for almost 20 years, and we wouldn’t want to work with any other waterproofing supplier on such a large scale, luxury new build project as Lillie Square.

The quality of their waterproofing materials combined with their on-site installation and technical support means I can confidently specify, install and guarantee a fault-free waterproofing solution, and ultimately provide the best result for the client.”

Graham Stone, Managing Director, Stonehouse Property Care, Newton Specialist Basement Contractor

  • This clubhouse atrium artists’ impression gives a senseof the scale of the above and below-ground areas

  • The below-ground resident’s clubhouse also includes a luxury subterranean swimming pool

  • The finished Lillie Square development will be one of the most prestigious developments in London

The Result

By working with Sir Robert McAlpine at the design stage it was possible to consider the lifetime performance of the structure as well as the cost in order to design and install thorough waterproofing protection.

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