Type A, B and C Waterproofing Systems

Our advanced range of waterproofing systems allow us and those working with our products to design and install effective, robust and third-party accredited Type A, B and C waterproofing systems. In accordance with current legislation and best practice, Newton ensures that the desired internal environment required by the end user is achieved. 

Complete Structural Waterproofing Protection to British Standard 8102:2009 

When tasked to waterproof retaining structures in accordance with BS 8102:2009 “Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground”, professional waterproofing designers should now consider using more than one type of waterproofing to provide enhanced protection of the structure to achieve the necessary environmental grade. Combination strategies provide increased waterproofing protection to the structure.

Newton provide waterproofing systems for all three types of waterproofing as defined within BS 8102:2009:

Type A (barrier) protection – The Newton HydroBond System gives protection against water ingress by a ‘barrier membrane’ applied externally to the structure

Type B (structurally integral) protection – The Newton HydroTank System ensures structurally integral sealing of joints and protrusions to provide a watertight, reinforced concrete structure

Type C (drained) protection – The Newton CDM System is a combination of products which are internally applied to provide maintainable cavity drain waterproofing system

Typical Structural Waterproofing Design

A typical combination waterproofing design showing the Newton CDM Cavity Drain System internally (Type C), Newton HydroBond® System externally (Type A), and the Newton HydroTank System incorporating waterbars and waterstops at weaknesses within the RC structure (Type B).

“I use Newton Waterproofing Systems because of the friendly and efficient service that we get - nothing is ever too much trouble. The products are excellent and I like being part of the research and development of their products to the ongoing benefit of the waterproofing industry. In addition, I like the fact that my company is associated with the market leaders in structural waterproofing.” 

Ian MacLennan, MacLennanUK (Newton Specialist Basement Contractor)

Reparability and Maintainable Structural Waterproofing Systems

The feasibility of remedial measures generally and the maintainability of Type C waterproofing specifically, is recommended within BS 8102:2009. To complement the fully maintainable Newton CDM Type C waterproofing system, a structure waterproofed by a combination of Newton systems also benefits from self-healing membranes and reusable injection hose systems, and so conforms the recommendation within BS 8102 that the issue of reparability should be taken into account.

Newton Basement Shield Guarantee

  • Newton Basement Shield is a comprehensive guarantee available on a wide choice of solution, provided they are installed by a Newton Specialist Contractor. The most comprehensive specifications that achieve the top Newton Waterproofing Index score also qualify for a reduced cost. Benefits of the Newton Basement Shield Guarantee include: 

    10 years LDI cover with an A rated insurer

    2 years defects liability period

    Up to £10,000 of cover per project

    Cover for product, design and installation failures

    In-house design assistance and on-site quality assurance

    Independent auditing included where required, to ensure continued quality

    For full information on the Newton Basement Shield guarantee please contact our Technical Team on 01732 806998 or via tech@newtonwaterproofing.co.uk

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