The Project

At this new-build shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush, West London, the new underground car park was experiencing high levels of water ingress through two movement joints that had failed. Newton Specialist Contractor ASF Waterproofing, who are specialists in injection resins and structural repair work, were therefore called in order to provide a quick solution and fix the leaking joints.

  • 1. Grinding existing paintwork from concrete to create a good key for the Newton 106 FlexProof.

  • 2. Drilling a hole for a 10mm injection packer above the movement joint that needed sealing.

  • 3. The movement joint is filled with a foam backing rod (left) and the packer is inserted behind, ready to inject.

The Solution

Following an initial investigation, the technical team from ASF decided to use the 5-part acrylic rubber sealing resin Newton 324-SR to seal the joint, as it reacts to form a very durable and flexible seal that exhibits exceptional adhesion, making it ideal for movement joints.

ASF began by drilling holes at angle into the concrete, and at regular intervals for the 10mm injection packers above the joints. The injection packers were then fitted to each hole, and foam backing rod was used to temporarily block the joint and prevent uncured resin from escaping as it is injected.

The five components of the 324-SR are mixed to make two solutions, whilst the curing time of the resin can also be adjusted by changing the quantity of initiator used. The resin was then injected through the packers and into the joint using a three-component stainless steel pump.

Finally, once the resin was cured and the joints were effectively sealed, ASF ground back the surface of the concrete to either side of the joints and applied Newton 106 FlexProof, a flexible liquid waterproofing material, to provide a final protective seal and finish the job.

“One of the key contributors to the success of this project was the Newton 324-SR injection resin, which gave us the necessary control and flexibility when it comes to the reaction and curing times of the resin in order to create a good seal in the movement joints. 

The staff at ASF Waterproofing have got decades of resin injection experience between us, so to be able to pair this experience and knowledge of site conditions with a good product that delivers on what it promises, gives us the ability to do an excellent job for the client.”

Shaun King, Director, ASF Waterproofing - Newton Specialist Contractor

  • 4. Newton 324-SR injection resin, ready to inject using the three-component stainless steel pump.

  • 5. Injecting Newton 324-SR via the 10mm injection packers into the movement joint.

  • 6. Using the Newton 324-SR injection resin, ASF Waterproofing got the job done quickly and efficiently.

The Result

With two leaking movement joints in a finished structure, the client required a swift resolution to get the area back into use quickly. With the benefit of Newton’s advanced resin and waterproofing products, ASF got to site and delivered the sealed joints within the client’s tight timeframe.

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