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    Code: 320
    Packaging (Resin): 25kg container
    Packaging (Catalyst): 2.3kg bottle

    Choosing The Right Injection Resin

    Newton's resin injection comparison matrix provides an overview of all of the resins within the Newton ReSeal System for sealing and preventing water leaks.

    Resin Injection Matrix

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  • Newton 320-FP is a two-part product with a low viscosity and a fast reaction time with water, making it perfect for Stage 1 stemming of leaks, even where there is a high flow of water or significant levels of hydrostatic pressure. Newton 322-SP or Newton 323-SA can then be used to fully seal the defect.

    In contact with water, Newton 320-FP creates high volumes of carbon dioxide that rapidly expands the resin to produce an open-cell, rigid foam that stems water ingress at joints, cracks, voids and defects within concrete structures, as well as sealing water leaks through steel piled walls.

    Key Benefits

    Forms a hard, high-strength seal within the structural crack or joint

    Penetrates deep into fine structural cracks

    Has a minimum free expansion of 1,700% - 2,200%

    Does not shrink after curing

    The reaction speed can be controlled by adjusting the amount of catalyst that is used

    Chemically resistant against water, weak acids and alkali, mineral oils, fungus and bacteria, ground water, sea water and petroleum products

    Typical Waterproofing Applications

    Stage-1 stemming of water ingress through joints, non-structural cracks, voids and defects within concrete structures and steel piled walls.

    Suitable Substrates


    Steel piles

    Newton ReSeal System

    The Newton ReSeal System consists of a range of Newton's advanced concrete repair mortars and injection resins to seal structural and non-structural cracks and defects, whether they are dry or leaking large volumes of water.

    The products in the Newton ReSeal System can be used to repair a number of defects, including spalled and broken concrete to walls and pillars, road repairs, and cracks and honeycombing to concrete basement walls, soffits and floors.