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    Code: 324
    Packaging (Part A - Resin): 24.91kg container
    Packaging (Part B - Additive): 0.09kg bottle
    Packaging (Part C - Catalyst): 2.5kg bottle
    Packaging (Part D - Strengthener): 22.8kg container
    Packaging (Part E - Initiator): 0.625kg container

    Choosing The Right Injection Resin

    Newton's resin injection comparison matrix provides an overview of all of the resins within the Newton ReSeal System for sealing and preventing water leaks.

    Resin Injection Matrix

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  • Newton 324-SR is an extremely high performance, five-component injection resin manufactured with a unique chemistry that results in a product that is not only chemically resistant but also has exceptional flexibility and adhesion to most substrates. The cured resin also swells in contact with water, retaining that moisture so as not to dry or shrink even under seasonal temperature and water level fluctuations.

    By adjusting the volume of Initiator (Part E) that is used, the reaction speed of Newton 324-SR can also be controlled from 18 seconds up to 18 minutes. Coupled with its flexibility, adhesion and low viscosity, the resin is guaranteed to penetrate deep into fine cracks in the substrate, even when dry.

    Key Benefits

    Penetrates very deep into fine cracks

    Swells in contact with water and retains that moisture even at high temperatures

    Slow reaction times and very long working life

    Suitable for use within injection hose systems such as Newton 302 Injection Hose

    Typical Waterproofing Applications

    Deep sealing of wet or dry joints and fine cracks

    Stage 2 sealing to complete the water sealing operation after Stage 1 has been carried out by products such as Newton 320-FP

    Post-construction sealing of construction joints within reinforced concrete structures via the Newton 302 Injection Hose system

    Ground/curtain injection

    Suitable Substrates




    Newton ReSeal System

    The Newton ReSeal System consists of a range of Newton's advanced concrete repair mortars and injection resins to seal structural and non-structural cracks and defects, whether they are dry or leaking large volumes of water.

    The products in the Newton ReSeal System can be used to repair a number of defects, including spalled and broken concrete to walls and pillars, road repairs, and cracks and honeycombing to concrete basement walls, soffits and floors.