The Project

The four, Grade II Listed vaults were situated just North of the River Thames in Central London, a short walk from such famous landmarks as Smithfield Market and St Paul’s Cathedral.

The Grade II Listed structures are each over 4 metres in height, and form part of an impressive below-ground infrastructure network. Newton Specialist Contractor Stonehouse were asked to waterproof four of these impressive vaults for the multinational service provider KPMG, in order to turn them into useful commercial spaces.

  • Stonehouse are experienced waterproofing installers.

  • Careful details was required in the tricky space.

  • Stonehouse's installers were rightly proud of their work.

The Solution

When waterproofing historic vaults such as these, the Newton CDM System provides the ideal solution as it is maintainable, requires minimal fixings and therefore avoids damaging the structure, and crucially is deemed as reversible should the structure need to be returned to its original condition in future.

As an experienced contractor, Stonehouse proceeded with an expert installation of a full CDM System to the tricky vaults, including:

508 Mesh membrane to the walls, for a direct plaster finish

508 membrane and Fibran XPS 500-C insulation boards to the floor

Basedrain channels to direct any captured water towards two Titan-Pro sump chambers, each containing two NP400 pumps

Victron Inverter and a NorthStar battery for reliable back-up power

“In over 30 years in the waterproofing industry this was one of the most complex and physically challenging projects I have been involved with. However, our installation team rose to the challenge and produced a first class installation of the high quality Newton products with pinpoint accuracy.

We were also well within the program laid down by the main contractor, who stated that they were “impressed by the professionalism and commitment of all of the Stonehouse team on site”. ”

Richard Allen CSRT CSSW, Senior Surveyor - Stonehouse

  • The exceptionally neat finished cavity drain installation.

  • The vault network extends a long way below London.

  • The Newton Recycling Service was also used for waste.

The Result

Stonehouse completed an extremely complex and detailed cavity drain installation with precision, resulting in an exceptionally neat waterproofing system, and proving the benefits of using a specialist waterproofing contractor.

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