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Why Choose Newton?

Whether you are an architect dealing with below-ground structures, a contractor working on a new-build commercial property, or a homeowner looking to waterproof your basement, we can help. Contact us for advice on your project and a list of Newton Specialist Basement Contractors in your area.

Not only do we have an extensive range of products for waterproofing and damp proofing new and existing structures, we also have a team of dedicated technical staff to deal with your project - from design stage right through to post-installation support via our network of specialist contractors. Our technical managers are also on hand to undertake site visits and on-site training.

Specialist Installation

Newton Specialist Basement Contractors (NSBCs) work in partnership with Newton to provide the highest quality products, design and installation in all aspects of domestic and commercial basement waterproofing, as well as insured guarantees for their work. Together we have waterproofed thousands of properties in the UK - including the Houses of Parliament and Windsor Castle. 

Guaranteed installation - All NSBCs adhere to strict criteria and are required to demonstrate quality workmanship, they can provide a substantial insured guarantee and take full design liability on the project, fulfilling the role as ‘waterproofing specialist’ as recommended by the BS 8102:2009 resulting in a meaningful scheme that provides unsurpassed technical excellence. 

We have an extensive product range – for waterproofing and damp proofing new-build and existing structures. As an independent company, we are not tied to one manufacturer; we source the best materials and solutions worldwide and are constantly innovating.

Free technical advice – Our experts can design and modify technical drawings in all formats and design a waterproofing solution best suited to your needs – including CAD and BIM. Our qualified technical team are available between 8:00am-5:30pm to discuss all aspects of your project, at every stage. 

CPD and Design Meetings for Architects

Newton Waterproofing Systems provide a range of services to aid in the correct specification of our products. 

In-house CAD design service 

Design meetings at your practice

BIM objects for insertion into your project 

Both NBS Create and NBS Building used in-house to produce bespoke specifications tailored to your project 

3D sections, details and product representation to assist in visualising the concept 

RIBA Approved CPD options, offering specifiers and designers double points CPD seminars

  • Complete Waterproofing Protection

    At Newton we have an advanced range of waterproofing materials which allow us and those working with our products to design and install effective and robust Type A, B and C waterproofing systems.

  • The British Standard for Waterproofing

    The British Standard 8102:2009 is the 'Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water From The Ground' - read about the guidance and implications.

  • Newton Waterproofing Index

    The Newton Waterproofing Index is a unique specification tool in the construction industry to accurately assess the level of risk and potential success involved in a waterproofing design.

  • Membrane Recycling

    Newton's Membrane Recycling Service is the first of its kind in the structural waterproofing industry. Our dedicated drivers will pick up HDPE from site for recycling at our head office in Tonbridge.

“Due to the quality of finish and goods to reside within this large basement, the waterproofing scheme was designed with a combination of Type A and Type C systems for maximum protection. It was therefore essential that the product quality reflected the design effort. We were pleased to install Newton products throughout to help maintain the highest of standards due to their forward thinking, reliable technical support and complete range of quality waterproofing products” 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Nick Wells, Advanced Basements
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Project: Christian Dior, Regent Street

  • Speak to our Team

    Our staff are able to provide guidance for projects of all sizes, whether you require some general advice about damp or waterproofing, or support with technical drawings and specifications.

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    Newton Specialist Basement Contractors (NSBC) are an elite group of professional structural waterproofing and damp proofing specialists who work in partnership with us to provide clients with the best products, design and installation.

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