To provide this service, Newton has dedicated drivers who will pick up HDPE from the site or offices of our NSBC network for recycling back at our head office in Tonbridge, Kent. The recycled off-cuts are also collected at the same time as new construction membranes are being delivered, thus saving on dedicated pick ups and the associated carbon emissions.
  • In 2018 Newton prevented 5.275 tonnes of HDPE membrane from going to landfill. Overall, 8.53 tonnes of plastic have been recycled since the service started in 2017.

    Download 2018 Membrane Recycling Report 

    Download 2017 Membrane Recycling Report

  • To translate this into some slightly more quantifiable figures, 8.53 tonnes of recycled HDPE equates to:

    Preventing 9.80 tonnes of CO2e emissions from entering the atmosphere*

    Saving 38,306 Kilowatt Hours (kWh) of energy

    Energy which is worth a total of £5,504.68

    Which is enough energy to make over 1.3 million mugs of tea!

    *Turner, D., Williams, I. and Kemp, S. (2015) Greenhouse gas emission factors for recycling of source-segregated waste materials Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 105, (Part A), pp. 186-197.

An Award-Winning Recycling Service

2018 marked a busy and celebratory 170th year for Newton, with the recycling service in particular being shortlisted in awards ceremonies across the construction, recycling and plastics industries.

Overall, in 2018 alone the Newton Recycling Service was recognised as:

Winner of the ‘Sustainability’ Award at the Property Care Association Best Practice Awards

Winner of the ‘Commitment to the Environment’ Award at the Kent Excellence in Business Awards (KEiBAs)

Shortlisted for ‘Product Innovation of the Year’ at the London Construction Awards

Shortlisted for ‘Best Environmental or Energy Efficiency Programme of the Year’ at the Plastics Industry Awards

Shortlisted for ‘Commercial Waste Reduction Initiative’ at the National Recycling Awards

As we move forward into 2019, Newton will continue its commitment to tackling the waste that is produced by the waterproofing and construction industries, by reducing our own plastic packaging waste across our product range, and continuing to invest in the expansion and growth of the Newton Recycling Service.

Innovation In The Waterproofing Market

As a company, we hold ISO 14001 certification and are always seeking to improve our environmental credentials, as well as all participants who are associated with us in the structural waterproofing industry. This bespoke service allows us to not only offer specifiers a quality waterproofing solution installed by a fully trained and competent professional, it also shows a real commitment to lowering all of our carbon footprints in the process. 

Committed to Minimal Wastage

Newton and our NSBC network have a true commitment to all parties involved in the construction process.

This ensures our HDPE membrane systems will be installed in the most efficient manner with continuous focus on quality and minimal wastage. It is, however inevitable that some off-cuts will be produced. Specifiers and end clients should look for the NSBC Membrane Recycling Service logo on vehicles and literature as a mark of quality assurance that the HDPE membranes are being recycled and not sent to landfill.

Click here to download the official Newton Quality and Environmental Policy


  • “We are delighted that Newton Waterproofing Systems are investing in membership of RECOUP and have taken the lead in looking at ways post-industrial plastics can be recycled by the construction industry. Utilising the knowledge and membership links that RECOUP have to increase and improve plastics recycling through their Membrane Recycling Service shows real commitment and foresight from the company’s leadership.”

    Stuart Foster, CEO, RECOUP