Waterproofing Systems / System 100

Liquid Waterproofing Membranes

A comprehensive portfolio of liquid applied membranes for all substrates and all applications, ranging from very flexible liquid rubber products through to hard wearing and resilient cementitious membranes, suitable for the waterproofing of retained structures and both covered and uncovered decks.

  • Newton 102 Nuseal-LM

    Damp Proofing and Gas Control Membrane

    Newton 102 Nuseal-LM is a single-component, high performance, elastomeric liquid rubber membrane specifically designed to provide a radon, gas and vapour barrier to vertical and horizontal surfaces.

  • Newton 103-S

    High Performance Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

    Newton 103-S is a two-component, cementitious, modified-polymer waterproofing membrane with high adhesion, that can be applied very quickly by airless spray. 

  • Newton 104

    Crystalline Waterproofing of Concrete

    Applied to the surface of concrete to provide in-depth protection against the movement of moisture through the capillaries and hairline cracks.


  • Newton 106 FlexProof

    Construction Joint Waterproofing

    Highly advanced single component liquid waterproofing material, which forms an elastomeric polymer membrane that is rainproof in minutes and capable of handling severe building movements and deformations.

  • Newton 107F

    Cementitious Flexible Waterproofing Membrane

    Cementitious coating for the waterproofing and protection of concrete and masonry: reservoirs, tunnels, water tanks, basements and decks.

  • Newton 108 HydroBond-LM

    Seamless Rubber Waterproofing Membrane

    Spray applied membrane for the external waterproofing of basements and foundation walls. Normally specified as part of our HydroBond System in conjunction with Newton 403 HydroBond, but can be used on its own.

  • Newton 109-LM

    Seamless Rubber Waterproofing Membrane

    A flexible, single-component, cold-applied, seamless rubber waterproofing membrane with a number of uses for the external waterproofing of basements, foundation walls, decks, and flat roofs.

  • Newton 110 WATstop

    Epoxy-Cement Waterproofing Coating (Water Barrier)

    Three component epoxy resin to waterproof in negative and positive thrust, to use as osmotic on underground wall, to encapsulate rising damp and to realize a vapour barrier over wet substrate.

  • Newton 112 Aquabit

    Seamless Waterproofing Paste For Retaining Walls

    Single component waterproofing paste enriched with polystyrene micro spheres to form a crack-bridging seamless membrane for retaining walls.

  • Newton 114 Acriflex

    Fibre Reinforced Waterproofing Liquid Membrane

    Ideal for waterproofing flat roofs, balconies, swimming pools, parking areas, foundations and terraces.


  • Collomix Mixing Equipment

    Mixing Equipment: Mixers

    Mixers, Stirrers, Buckets and Mixing Stands – for mixing Newton’s liquid waterproofing products.