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    Data Sheet 

    Safety Data Sheet

    Product Overview

    Code: SX306
    Packaging: 310ml
    Colour: White
    Application Rate: 5.5-8.5l/m per cartridge

    Featured Case Studies

    Waterproofing the Hotel Football, Manchester

  • Key Benefits of Newton 306 LeakSeal

    Very high resistance to water pressure

    Delayed swelling – will not swell during the installation process or during the concrete cure

    Swells up to 200% of its original size to quickly seal leaks at joints in the structure

    Very resistance to the high alkalinity of concrete

    Maintains very high elasticity and tensile strength, even when swollen

    Age resistant, no embrittlement

    Typical Applications

    Detailing product for Newton 403 HydroBond

    As a swelling adhesive for the installation of Newton System 300 hydrophilic waterbars

    Sealing of service protrusions through the structure

    To further waterproof around pipes sealed with Newton 307 PipeSeal