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Newton 308 Stopaq

Pipe Sealant For Pipes Through Service Duct Sleeves

Newton 308 Stopaq is a single-component, highly flexible compound used for the sealing of conduits and pipes through service duct sleeves. The product is incredibly effective at sealing around numerous services within the sleeve, even where significant water ingress exists.

  • Key Benefits

    Fast and easy to apply.

    The sealing remains permanently flexible.

    Does not demand special tools for application.

    No material waste – paste re-usable.

    Immediate sealing: no curing time needed.

    Provides permanent and optimal sealing of the service duct.

    No fumes, no chemical reactions.

    Adjusts to movements of pipes & cables.

    Allows adding and removing of conduits at any time

    Typical Applications

    Newton 308 Stopaq adheres to both wet and dry surfaces of concrete, mortar and plastic without the need of a primer. The swelling characteristics do not create any stresses to the service joint or the structure. Once the service sleeve is sealed, Newton Stopaq FR Mortar is used to cap the installation. Stopaq Mortar is a fibre reinforced non-shrinking fire resistant mortar specially produced for use with Newton 308 Stopaq that can receive new cables or conduits without the use of power tools.

    The unique compound never cures, remaining permanently flexible, allowing for new services to be simply pushed through the existing repair and resealed. Newton 308 Stopaq swells by up to 10% when in contact with water and will seal the service duct against water pressure of up to 3m of water pressure and will form a very effective seal against gas and water vapour.

    Requires only minimal surface preparation.

    Adheres on wet and dry surfaces.

    Fast and easy to apply.

    Has no pot-life, does not become hard.

    Resists up to 0.3 bar of ground water pressure.

    Water and gas impermeable.

    Non Toxic and environment friendly.

    Does not age.

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    PDF Downloads

    Data Sheet

    Material Safety Data Sheet

    Material Safety Data Sheet - Stopaq Mortar

    Product Overview

    Code: SX308
    Packaging: 308 Stopaq - 0.53kg tubes = 0.4l. Stopaq FR Mortar - 0.5kg tubs = 0.6l
    Colour: Green
    Application Rate: Dependent on size of service sleeve


“I use Newton Waterproofing Systems because of the friendly and efficient service that we get - nothing is ever too much trouble. The products are excellent and I like being part of the research and development of their products to the ongoing benefit of the waterproofing industry. In addition I like the fact that my company is associated with the market leaders in structural waterproofing.” 

Ian MacLennan, MacLennan UK (Newton Specialist Basement Contractor)