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Newton 520

20mm Cavity Drain Membrane For Basement Floors

Newton 520 is a cavity drain waterproofing membrane made from recycled High Density Polyethylene.

  • Newton 520 is one of the main constituent parts of the Newton System 500 cavity drain system used for waterproofing earth-retained structures, including drainage channels sited below the membrane for increased drainage capacity. With its 20mm deep stud profile, Newton 520 is used within Newton System 500 as a high drainage capacity floor membrane and is generally specified where it is anticipated that there may be a risk of severe water penetration. Newton 520 holds BBA certification Number 94/3010.

    Key Benefits

    With its 20mm stud profile, Newton 520 is generally specified where it is anticipated that there may be a risk of severe water penetration

    Roll of 2.0m x 20.0m – Code M4

    Typical Applications

    Concrete raft or slab

    Flooring grade closed cell extruded polystyrene insulation

    Floor membrane as part of Newton System 500

    BS8102: the British Standard for Waterproofing

    BS8102 is the main design guide for structural waterproofing in the UK.  Newton System 500 is a maintainable system, so complies with BS8102 requirements. BS8102 also specifies that:

    “a waterproofing specialist should be included as part of the design team so that an integrated waterproofing is created”

    Therefore it is our recommendation that Newton System 500 is installed by a Newton Specialist Basement Contractor (NSBC). For a list of installers in your area please ring 01732 360 095 or e-mail info@newtonwaterproofing.co.uk

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    For further information about structural waterproofing speak to one of our technical experts:

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    PDF Downloads

    Data Sheet

    Declaration of Performance

    Newton 520 BBA Certificate

    System 500 Installation Manual

    System 500 Warranty

    Product Overview

    Code: M4
    Size: Roll 2.0m x 2.0m
    Colour: Black
    Area: 40m²

    BIM Object

    View product on NBS National BIM Library


“I use Newton Waterproofing Systems because of the friendly and efficient service that we get - nothing is ever too much trouble. The products are excellent and I like being part of the research and development of their products to the ongoing benefit of the waterproofing industry. In addition I like the fact that my company is associated with the market leaders in structural waterproofing.” 

Ian MacLennan, MacLennan UK (Newton Specialist Basement Contractor)