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  • Newton Basedrain is the drainage system used most commonly within the Newton System 500 waterproofing system. It comprises of a range of products that collectively receive water ingressing at weaknesses within the structure and then discharge the collected water to a Newton Sump System or safe drainage

    The 18mm holes drilled in both sides of the profile, as well as to the top surface, allows water from beneath the Newton Fibran XPS 500-C and within the spacer zone to enter the drainage channels more easily.

    Typical Applications

    Basedrain – Drainage conduit for the perimeter of the area to be waterproofed. Is situated at the base of the wall membrane

    Floordrain – Drainage Conduit for collection of water at construction joint to the floor and to replace Basedrain at door thresholds. Floordrain is also used to connect the perimeter Basedrain to the sump.

    Basedrain Corner – Formed 90 degree corner.

    Basedrain T Piece – Formed T for a 90 degree connection to Floordrain from Basedrain and for draining through engineering brick as an alternative to open perpendicular joints.

    Jetting & Access Point – for inspection and maintenance access to the drainage system.

    Product Overview
    • A. Newton Basedrain (2m lengths) – Product Code D1

      B. Newton Floordrain (2m lengths) – Product Code D3

      C. Newton Basedrain Corner – Product Code D6

      D. Newton Basedrain T Piece – Product Code D7

      E. Newton Basedrain Adaptor – Product Code D24

      F. 63mm O/D Pipe to Newton Titan-Pro Sump, Titan Sump or safe drainage – See price list for pipe codes

      G. Newton Basedrain Inspection Port Pack (not shown) including 2m Length of Ducting, 4 x Inspection Ports, and 4 x End Caps for the Inspection Ports – Product Code D26

      H. Newton Inspection Port 90-degree Bend (not shown) - Product Code D27