• Newton 301 EasyProof (SX301)

    Coated metal water bar system used for the sealing of kickerless construction joints within retained concrete structures. It features an adhesive, reactive polymer coating on one of its sides which creates a permanent watertight seal that works immediately.

  • Newton 305 ActiveJoint

    Movement joint profile used in conjunction with Newton 106 FlexProof for joints where a risk of mechanical damage to the waterproofing is expected.

  • Newton 306 SwellMastic

    Fast-curing, swellable, single-component, polymeric adhesive sealant. The special composition of Newton 306 SwellMastic makes the sealant swell when in contact with water (to about 200% of original size).

  • Newton 307 PipeSeal

    Advanced EPDM pipe collar that provides a physical waterbar for the waterproofing of pipes penetrating though earth-retained structures and to prevent water ingress around pipes and gullies to flat roofs and decks.

  • Newton 308 Stopaq

    Single-component, highly flexible compound used for the sealing of conduits and pipes through service duct sleeves. The product is incredibly effective at sealing around numerous services within the sleeve, even where significant water ingress exists.

  • Newton 309-M Adhesive

    MS polymer-based, durable and fast-curing elastic adhesive. Very high initial strength, it bonds without primer on almost all materials used in the construction industry, including aluminium, galvanized and stainless steel, zinc, copper, natural stone, concrete, brick and cement-based cover sheeting.

  • Newton 313-WP WaterPlug

    Fast setting, polymer compound that instantly stops running water or seepage through masonry or concrete substrates. It becomes harder and more resistant when subjected to constant water pressure. Non-shrink material that expands slightly and sets in about 2 minutes.

  • Newton 314-BP Bentonite Powder

    Naturally occurring sodium bentonite powder used for detailing to the Newton HydroBond System, specifically where Newton 403 HydroBond terminates to otherwise difficult to detail building elements, such as piled walls, support piles, pile caps, and protrusions through the membrane.

  • Newton 315 Polymer-Waterbar

    Hydrophilic, acrylate polymer waterbar, which swells when activated by moisture. It is characterised by high elasticity and high tensile strength. It can be used to seal the structure against water leaks to both cast-in-place concrete and precast construction joints. 

“I have twenty years experience dealing with problems of moisture in buildings and have found Newton Waterproofing to be top of the tree when it comes to products, experience and technical understanding of structural waterproofing design and installation. The public and professionals alike can approach Newton's with confidence.” 

James Hockey, Waterproofing Designer - Trace Basements

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