Waterproofing Systems / System 400

External Waterproofing & Drainage Membranes

Complete range of preformed waterproofing and drainage membranes for use on the outer fasces of the structure providing waterproofing solutions for earth retained structures and covered decks.

  • Newton 403 Hydrobond

    Externally Applied Waterproofing Membrane And Gas Barrier Variant

    High performance composite sheet membrane that features a locking fleece to one side and a polymer hydrophilic coating to the other, as well as gas barrier capabilities.

  • Newton 408 DeckDrain

    Drainage Membrane for Decks and Flat Roofs

    Double cuspated, deck and flat roof drainage membrane, that incorporates a polypropylene geotextile filter layer, bonded to a water impermeable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) core.

  • Newton 409 Root Barrier

    Puncture Resistant Root Barrier Membrane

    Puncture Resistant Root Barrier Membrane – Designed to eliminate root penetration, it provides robust protection to the primary waterproofing membrane to green roofs or planters.

  • Newton 410 Geodrain

    Externally Applied Drainage Membrane

    Two-core drainage sheet consisting of a non-woven geotextile filter layer thermally welded to a water impermeable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) drainage membrane..

  • Newton 420 Reservoir

    Extensive Green Roof Drainage Membrane

    Unique drainage and water retention membrane for use where a water reservoir is required for extensive green roofs..