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    Data Sheet

    Material Safety Data Sheet

    Product Overview

    Code: LC1
    Packaging: 1L
    Colour: White
    Application Rate: 100m² per litre

    Featured Case Studies

    Waterproofing Riverside Properties, London

    Royal Courts of Justice, London

  • Key Benefits

    Solvent and caustic free

    Easy to use and handle

    Non-hazardous (on dilution)

    Compatible with alkaline substrates

    Long term durability

    Typical Applications

    For concrete floors newer than 12 months, apply to the whole slab or raft as well as the recess formed ready for Newton Basedrain or Floordrain Drainage Conduit.

    For concrete floors older than 12 months, apply to the recess cut into the concrete ready for Newton Basedrain or Floordrain Drainage Conduit as well as 200mm either side of floor construction or movement joints.

    For walls, apply 200ml up the wall from the floor, or where a 'kicker' has been formed to a concrete wall, apply from the floor up to 200mm above the kicker. 

    Underpinned properties require application to 200mm either side of the joints. Dry packed areas should be sealed with a cement based tanking product and the tanking treated with Newton Lime Inhibitor.