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The Newton RASCOtank System is a unique and patented form of Type B concrete structural waterproofing in the UK, born out of an exclusive partnership between Newton Waterproofing Systems and RASCOR International.

RASCOR are an international group specialising in engineered waterproofing solutions for the construction industry, with over 50 years of experience in the design, manufacture, installation and warranty of waterproofing systems for concrete structures.

What is RASCOtank?RASCOtank Concrete Waterproofing

The unique RASCOtank system is often referred to as the “White Tank” engineered waterproofing system, and it ensures that the concrete acts as both the structure and the waterproofing. The system provides comprehensive “Type B” waterproofing in compliance with British Standard 8102:2009, and as a standalone system it is capable of delivering a ‘Grade 2’ basement as per Table 1 of the British Standard; with additional ventilation it can even achieve ‘Grade 3’ protection.

Our RASCOtec crack inducers are deliberately placed at intervals within your concrete pour, thus allowing for bigger pours with no need for the traditional chequer board method. The unique crack induction method means Newton and RASCOR can control the inevitable crack location, allowing for unlimited concreting and any depth of floor or wall.

What are the benefits?

    • Faster construction time
    • Increased financial savings
    • Reduced programming on site
    • Full design, manufacture, installation and warranty of the system
    • Full responsibility for shrinkage cracks
    • Engineering consultation for specific waterproofing issues
    • All construction joints and penetrations catered for and waterproofed


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