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Newton 503

BBA certified, 3mm Cavity Drain Membrane for Basements – Suitable for use internally below the ground to retaining walls, vaulted soffits and floors.

Newton 503 is a high quality cavity drain waterproofing and damp proofing membrane suitable for use internally above or below the ground to retaining walls, vaulted soffits and floors.

Newton 503 can be used within our Newton System 500 waterproofing system that includes Newton drainage and pumping systems. Please see the Newton Installation Manual for details on fixing and finishing of the product. Newton 503 holds BBA certification (94/3010).

  • Key Benefits
  • Typical Applications
  • BS 8102:2009
  • Technical Data
  • Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    • Does not require extensive and damaging preparation to the wall surface.
    • Speed of installation.
    • Provides vapour control and when used with humidity control systems is capable of delivering an environment to all levels within a Grade 3 environment to BS 8102:2009.
    • Resistant to chemically aggressive groundwater, efflorescing salts and hydrocarbon contamination.
    • BES6001_Black

    • Rot-proof and resistant to root penetration.
    • Shallow stud profile for where space is at a premium.

    Typical Applications

    Typical Applications

    As a waterproofing membrane as part of Newton System 500 and be used as both the wall and the floor membrane for the waterproofing of:

    • Basements.
    • Cellars.
    • Vaults.
    • Tunnels.
    • Arches.

    BS 8102:2009

    BS 8102:2009

    The British Standard 8102:2009 Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water From the Ground is the main design guide for structural waterproofing in the UK.

    Newton System 500 is a maintainable system, so complies with BS8102 requirements. BS8102 also specifies that: “a waterproofing specialist should be included as part of the design team so that an integrated waterproofing is created”

    Therefore it is our recommendation that Newton System 500 is installed by a Newton Specialist Basement Contractor (NSBC).

    Technical Data

    Technical Data

    Installed Performance Result
    Compressive strength – Temporary loading 320 kPa
    Thermal conductivity 0.461 W/mK
    Water vapour diffusion resistance – Sd value >604m
    Water vapour diffusion resistance – µ value >1208000µ
    Water vapour diffusion resistance >3020 MNs/g
    Resistance to fire Euroclass E
    Chemical resistance – Excellent 100%
    Oxidation resistance – Excellent 100%

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