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Newton 320-FP Injection Resin

A foaming polyurethane injection resin that reacts with water to form a rigid, hydrophobic seal against water ingress. The resin reacts quickly with water and expands to produce an open-cell, rigid foam that is ideal for stemming water ingress at defects in concrete structures and steel piled walls.

Newton 320-FP is a two-part product with a low viscosity and a fast reaction time with water, making it perfect for Stage 1 stemming of leaks, even where there is a high flow of water or significant levels of hydrostatic pressure. Newton 322-SP or Newton 323-SA can then be used to fully seal the defect.

In contact with water, Newton 320-FP creates high volumes of carbon dioxide that rapidly expands the resin to produce an open-cell, rigid foam that stems water ingress at joints, cracks, voids and defects within concrete structures, as well as sealing water leaks through steel piled walls.

  • Key Benefits
  • Typical Applications
  • Suitable Substrates
  • Newton ReSeal System
  • Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    • Forms a hard, high-strength seal within the structural crack or joint.
    • Penetrates deep into fine structural cracks.
    • Has a minimum free expansion of 1,700% – 2,200%.
    • Does not shrink after curing.
    • The reaction speed can be controlled by adjusting the amount of catalyst that is used.
    • Chemically resistant against water, weak acids and alkali, mineral oils, fungus and bacteria, ground water, sea water and petroleum products.

    Typical Applications

    Typical Applications

    Stage-1 stemming of water ingress through joints, non-structural cracks, voids and defects within concrete structures and steel piled walls.

    Suitable Substrates

    Suitable Substrates

    • Concrete.
    • Steel piles.

    Newton ReSeal System

    Newton ReSeal System

    The Newton ReSeal System consists of a range of Newton’s advanced concrete repair mortars and injection resins to seal structural and non-structural cracks and defects, whether they are dry or leaking large volumes of water.

    The products in the Newton ReSeal System can be used to repair a number of defects, including spalled and broken concrete to walls and pillars, road repairs, and cracks and honeycombing to concrete basement walls, soffits and floors.

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