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Newton HydroBond System

The Newton HydroBond System provides a complete and continuous waterproof barrier to the external surface of any below ground structure.

External Waterproofing (Type A)

‘Type A’ Waterproofing – British Standard 8102:2009

British Standard 8102:2009 defines ‘Type A’ waterproofing as “barrier protection” which is applied to either the internal or external surface of a structure in order to resist the pressure of water trying to enter the building.

‘Type A’ membranes are the products that are referred to when people talk about the process of “tanking” a basement in order to protect it from water ingress. Barrier waterproofing membranes that can be applied to the external ‘positive’ side of the structure include both pre-applied, self-healing sheet membranes, and post-applied liquid membranes that can be linked to the above ground DPC in order to completely encapsulate, or “tank”, the basement in a continuous waterproof layer.

For more robust waterproofing protection, BS 8102:2009 recommends combining two or more Types of waterproofing. The Newton HydroBond System can therefore be combined with our ‘Type B’ solution Newton HydroTank, and/or our ‘Type C’ solution Newton CDM.

  • The Newton HydroBond Solution
  • Specialist 'Type A' Waterproofing Contractors
  • The Newton HydroBond Solution

    The Newton HydroBond Solution

    The flexible, easy-to-apply liquid membranes Newton 108 HydroBond-LM and Newton 109-LM combine with the hydrophilic membrane 403 HydroBond to provide a Type A external waterproofing solution that is not only BDA certified, but is also self-healing, gas proof, and can terminate directly to the above-ground damp proof course.

    Specialist 'Type A' Waterproofing Contractors

    Specialist 'Type A' Waterproofing Contractors

    Newton’s nationwide network of Specialist Contractors (NSBCs) are an elite group of waterproofing contractors who work in partnership with Newton to provide the highest quality waterproofing products, design and installation.

    NSBCs can also provide insured installation guarantees for their work and take on full design liability on your project, fulfilling the role of waterproofing specialist as recommended by BS 8102:2009.

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