• Integral Waterproofing (Type B) Products

    Crystalline Waterproofing of Concrete
    NEWTON 104

    Sealing Systems for Cable, Pipe and Service Entries

    Metal Construction Joint Waterbar

    Pipe Collar To Provide Physical Water Bar

    Pipe Sealant Through Service Duct Sleeves

    Fast Setting Polymer Compound to Seal Leaks

    High Grade Hydrophilic Waterbar

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    Newton Specialist Basement Contractors

    Newton Specialist Basement Contractors (NSBC) are an elite group of professional basement waterproofing contractors who work in partnership with Newton Waterproofing Systems.




    Newton Waterproofing Index

    The Newton Waterproofing Index is a unique specification tool  providing specifiers and designers with a scoring system through which it is possible to accurately assess the level of risk and potential success involved in a waterproofing design.

  • Type B Waterproofing – British Standard 8102:2009

    British Standard 8102:2009 defines ‘Type B’ waterproofing as designing the structure itself to be integrally waterproof and the primary resistance to water ingress.

    Nothing provides better primary resistance to water than a well designed and well placed reinforced concrete structure, designed in accordance with BS EN 1992 with sufficient steel reinforcement to limit flexural and sectional cracking to produce watertight concrete elements. The use of correctly designed and installed waterbars at the places where the concrete isn’t, such as at joints and penetrations, will result in a ‘Type B’ structure that should be fully watertight in its own right.   For more robust waterproofing protection, BS 8102:2009 recommends combining two or more Types of waterproofing. Newton HydroTank can therefore be combined with our ‘Type A’ solutions Newton HydroBond or Newton HydroSeal, and/or our ‘Type C’ Newton CDM System.  

    Concrete Waterproofing Explained

    The Newton HydroTank Solution

    The Newton HydroTank solution includes a selection of BDA certified waterbars, waterstops, flanges, sealants and capillary blocking treatments that are used to seal the joints and penetrations through the concrete to achieve an effective ‘Type B’ solution.  

    Specialist ‘Type B’ Waterproofing Contractors

    Newton’s nationwide network of Specialist Contractors (NSBCs) are an elite group of waterproofing contractors who work in partnership with Newton to provide the highest quality waterproofing products, design and installation.

    NSBCs can also provide insured installation guarantees for their work and take on full design liability on your project, fulfilling the role of waterproofing specialist as recommended by BS 8102:2009.