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​​​​​We've spent over 100 years researching, learning and developing the most effective ways to prevent and manage water ingress and damp. Here's a useful directory of explanations, information and advice to help you protect your property. Need more help? Call us or email!

Application of Type A and B waterproofing

Waterproofing and Damp Proofing Contractors: Which Service Do You Need?

Architects, specifiers, and contractors frequently encounter projects where moisture management is a critical consideration. Selecting... Read more

Application of liquid waterproofing membrane to a brick wall

Mitigating risk: How Waterproofing Can Contribute to Building Safety

The introduction of the Building Safety Act (BSA) in England signifies a watershed moment for... Read more

Concrete mix

What are Concrete Additives and How Do They Work?

For architects and specifiers, concrete is the literal and figurative foundation of countless structures. Its... Read more


Building Safety Act: Are You Specifying Compliant Waterproofing Solutions?

The introduction of the Building Safety Act (BSA) in England, arguably the most important regulatory... Read more

Cross section of a Newton Pumping System

What are Sump Pumps and How do They Work?

What Is A Sump Pump? A sump pump system is a combination of a water-collecting... Read more

Sealing Penetrations Through Below Ground Structures

Newton Waterproofing supply a variety of methods for sealing penetrations through below ground structures. As... Read more

Newtonite 803

What is the Best Method of Damp Proofing?

For architects and specifiers, tackling damp issues in buildings can be a huge challenge. This... Read more

DampSafe-809-HP-DPC (3)

The Complete Guide to Damp-Proof Courses

Protecting a property from moisture damage and water ingress is crucial, but it doesn't have... Read more

Cambridge House Hotel Front Elevation Viewed from Across the Street - Banner

Your Leading Experts in High-Profile Commercial Waterproofing Projects

When it comes to high-profile commercial waterproofing projects, Newton Waterproofing is the renowned choice. With... Read more

British Museum Tunnel Waterproofing and Fireproofing - Banner

The Leading Experts in High-Profile Listed and Historic Building Waterproofing Projects

When it comes to high-profile waterproofing projects, Newton Waterproofing is the name that stands out.... Read more

Newton Cavity Drain Membrane System

A Guide to Waterproofing Walls

Keeping basement or cellar walls protected from water ingress is one of several important steps... Read more


What Are Liquid Waterproofing Membranes?

Waterproofing is a critical aspect of construction and infrastructure development – whether you are building... Read more

Product Application Image

Waterproofing vs. Damp Proofing: A Comprehensive Analysis

In the construction industry, the potential for water ingress and water-related issues is a constant... Read more

Cavity Drain Waterproofing

Understanding Cavity Drain Systems: Newton’s Reliable Solutions

When it comes to maintaining a dry and habitable environment within below-ground buildings, waterproofing is... Read more

Newtonite Internal Damp Proofing System 02

What is a Damp Proof Membrane and How Does it Work?

What is a Damp Proof Membrane and How Does it Work? In the realm of... Read more

High end basement conversion

Cellar Tanking and Waterproofing

If you own a property with a cellar or basement, you may have encountered issues... Read more


What is Basement Tanking?

This page will clearly communicate what basement tanking is and the potential benefits of this... Read more

Oldroyd Xtf waterproofing and fireproofing tunnel membrane

Combined Fireproofing and Waterproofing

This article aims to explain what Oldroyd Xtf membrane is, as well as its features... Read more

Oldroyd XTF Tunnel waterproofing fireproofing

Fire Classification of Construction Products and Building Elements

This article aims to explain the meaning of different fire classifications for building products, what... Read more

Newton CDM System Install

What kind of guarantee is best for my next waterproofing installation?

When carrying out a waterproofing project, it’s imperative that the highest quality products, design, and... Read more

Early Warning Signs of Ground Water Flooding

Ground water flooding is a potential danger that homeowners and business owners alike need to... Read more


Injection Resins for Tunnel Waterproofing

Tunnel waterproofing is extremely challenging. Whether carrying out remedial work on an existing tunnel or... Read more

British Standard 8102 2022 - Protection of below ground structures against water ingress

What are the changes to the new 2022 British Standard?

What is the British Standard? The British Standard 8102:2022 is the ‘Code of Practice for... Read more

3D Drawing of a Basement Waterproofing System

Does Tanking Require Building Regulations?

Basement conversions are a popular way to transform unused interior space. Whether in a residential... Read more

An example of a Titan-2 sump chamber with pumps installed

How Long do Sump Pumps Last?

Sump pumps are designed to remove ground water from basements and cellars. They are available... Read more


What is Internal Tanking?

Internal Tanking 'Tanking' is a term used to describe internal or external waterproof barriers that... Read more

Large New Commercial Development London

Why choose Newton for your commercial waterproofing solutions?

Are you an architect, developer or contractor? Do you need a professional supplier for the... Read more

Damp Proofing In Brighton

Can You Use Damp Proof Membrane on Walls?

The answer is most certainly yes! Applying a damp proof membrane to walls can be... Read more

Visualisation of a new development of apartments

Structural Waterproofing – An Overview

What is Structural Waterproofing? Structural waterproofing is a common term used to describe the act... Read more

Application of Newton Injection Resins

Injection Resin Application Methods

When installing either polyurethane (PU) or acrylic injection resin, to achieve a successful installation you... Read more

Tradecc Partnership

Injection Technology

Generally speaking, there are three main objectives for the use of resin injection technology: water... Read more

Technical Drawing showing Integral Waterproofing (Type B)

Waterproofing Concrete Structures

What is 'Type B' Waterproofing? The British Standard for Waterproofing, BS 8102:2022, categorises Type B... Read more

Newton 403 HydroBond Gas Barrier

How to Protect Your Property from Radon Gas

When you’re a homeowner looking for a new house, it’s important to ensure that your... Read more

External waterproofing a new basement

What is External Tanking?

'Tanking' is a long-established name for external or internal waterproof barriers that are designed to... Read more

20mm Recycled Cavity Drain Basement Floor Membrane

What is a Dry Basement?

For any basement conversion or below ground-level building project, some level of waterproofing will be... Read more

basement swimming pool conversion

Your Guide to Successfully Converting Your Basement

What do you do if you want a larger home but your garden or land... Read more

Application of Newton deck waterproofing products

Deck And Balcony Waterproofing – An Overview

How to Waterproof Decks and Balconies Firstly it is important to look at the location... Read more

Wooden Floor

How To Treat And Cure A Damp Floor

The decision of whether to use a liquid or sheet membrane is dependent on the... Read more

Royal Courts of Justice, London

How To Treat Damp In A Listed Building

Newton have treated damp in many Listed buildings, including Windsor Castle. When waterproofing or treating... Read more

Rising Damp treated with Newton products

What Is Rising Damp, And What Can I Do?

Rising damp is a common problem. If left untreated it can become serious. Rising damp... Read more

3d drawing showing a wall section with Newton damp proof membrane

Identifying And Treating Damp Problems

Identifying the cause of the damp problems Common damp problems and possible causes include: Rising... Read more

Damp around a windowframe

Improving The Warmth Of External Walls

Cold Walls Cause Condensation A damp wall is a cold wall. A cold wall attracts... Read more

Condensation forming on a window

Is Condensation Causing Damp Walls?

Health Implications of Condensation Dampness caused by condensation is not only detrimental to the property’s... Read more

Installation of Newton Newlath To Old Walls

Five Top Tips For Damp Problems

How to Solve Damp Problems Damp problems are a common concern for many homeowners. Identifying... Read more

Penetrating Damp

Treating Penetrating Damp In Buildings

Understanding The Causes of Penetrating Damp Penetrating damp is most commonly caused by one of... Read more

Damp Proofing, Residential House

Damp Proofing – An Overview And What To Do

Rising Damp This is when water from the ground rises through the brickwork, stonework or... Read more

High End Basement Waterproofing Project

Tanking & Waterproofing – What’s The Difference?

The difference between waterproofing and tanking We are frequently asked about the difference between tanking... Read more

External of an old house

Waterproofing or Damp Proofing?

Do I need waterproofing or damp proofing? Water ingress and damp penetration can cause serious... Read more

Hotel Football, Manchester

Combination Waterproofing Explained

Three Types of Waterproofing Newton provide waterproofing products for all three types of waterproofing, defined... Read more

Basement Conversion

What is the Best Basement Waterproofing Method?

When waterproofing design is done correctly, unfortunately there is no such thing as a 'one... Read more

New-Build Basement

Waterproofing A New-Build Basement

Implications of British Standard 8102 for Waterproofing A New-Build Basement In deciding the method for... Read more

Basement converted into a cinema room

Waterproofing Existing Basements

British Standard Recommendations One of the primary recommendations of BS 8102:2022 is that with any... Read more

High end basement conversion

Basement Waterproofing – An Overview

Newton provide waterproofing systems for cellars and basements, with nationwide registered contractors. Our products and... Read more

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