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Written by Warren Muschialli

Cold Walls Cause Condensation

A damp wall is a cold wall. A cold wall attracts condensation. Condensation attracts mould. Your damp and/or cold wall is certainly costing you money, it could be also costing you your health.

Your wall may be cold for a variety of reasons. Single skin and solid walls are unsuitable for cavity wall insulation and so the exterior wall of the property is significantly cooled by cold outside temperatures. Solid walls are also more susceptible to penetrating dampness from wind-driven rain.

A damp wall has significantly reduced thermal properties compared to a dry wall, and even insulated walls will become inefficient if the moisture within the walls makes the insulation damp as well.

Solution 1 – Keeping The Wall Dry

Newton BKK to treat damp walls

Newton 807 BKK eco is a colourless wall coating that protects porous walls of various substrates from wind driven rain.

After treatment, the product penetrates deeply into the substrate, creating an invisible deep layer of protection.

This makes the wall deeply impervious to water ingress and so better protected against frost damage.

The treated wall will also continue to dry out, thanks to the coating being vapour permeable.

The resultant dry wall is much more thermally efficient, which as well as reducing the incidence of internal condensation, will also save on heating bills.

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Solution 2 – Increasing The Surface Temperature Of Internal Wall Surfaces

Newton CWC to treat condensation damp

Newton 806 CWC is a thermal coating for cold and poorly insulated internal walls. It contains mineral powders with insulating features that warm the surface of the treated wall.

Condensation is formed when warm air comes into contact with a cold surface (known as the dew point). The air close to the cold surface cools and becomes unable to hold as much water vapour as it could when it was warmer. This additional water vapour is therefore deposited on the adjacent cold surface.

Because a wall treated with 806 CWC will experience a 5°C temperature increase compared to an untreated wall, in most cases this takes the temperature of the wall surface to above the dew-point. This means that the formation of condensation and mould is eliminated and thermal efficiency is greatly improved.

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Treatment with Newton 806 CWC and Newton 807 BKK eco results in structural walls that are drier and significantly warmer than if they were left untreated.

The difference to the internal habitable environment will also be immediately noticeable, and the occurrence of surface moulds will be considerably reduced. As well as being more thermally efficient, the exterior walls will be less susceptible to frost damage and the pointing within mortar walls will also last longer.

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