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Newton’s Solution Sheets

Newton’s library of Solution Sheets provide any waterproofing designer with a complete specification tool. Each Solution Sheet presents a complete waterproofing design and provides all of the key product information required to specify it, from NBS Clauses to 2D details, CAD drawings, and 3D drawings.

The Solution Sheets are also an integral part of the Newton Waterproofing Index (NWI), our scoring system for waterproofing designs. Every single Solution Sheet has been allocated with a score on the NWI that has also been audited by Newton’s independent insurer, and which indicates our expert opinion on the designs’ likelihood of success, dependent on the type of structure and the products being used.

Use the tiles below to select your type of structure, then view the range of waterproofing solutions that are available in order to achieve different levels of waterproofing protection.

Newton Solution-A-03

Blockwork Structures


Contiguous Piles

Waterproofing an existing structure with new concrete slab

Existing Structures

ICF Structures

How to waterproof a reinforced concrete structure

Reinforced Concrete Structures


Secant Piles

How to Waterproof Structures Built into sloping sites

Sloping Site Structures


Underpinned Structures

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