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Existing Structures

These Newton Solution Sheets show the highest degree of waterproofing to an existing structure whilst also indicating the risk of a lower degree of waterproofing.

Existing structures tend to have three inherent weaknesses as an earth-retaining structure that is designed to be water-excluding:

  1. The existing walls are not as water-resisting as RC walls and require an internally applied Type A membrane to make them as water-resistant as possible.
  2. The structure may not be capable of dealing with the stresses that an internal barrier membrane can impose.
  3. There is a non-compressed joint that promotes ingress where the slab interfaces with the walls

Download Newton Solution Sheets for Existing Structures with New Concrete Slabs

These downloadable Solution Sheets are a sample of the numerous waterproofing solutions for existing structures with concrete slabs, and provide a comprehensive waterproofing specification tool including all key product information, from NBS Clauses to 2D details, CAD drawings and 3D drawings.

The Solution Sheets have also been scored on the Newton Waterproofing Index as an indication of our expert opinion on the likelihood that the design will achieve the required level of waterproofing.

Recommendations & Standards

Where possible, we would recommend a new reinforced concrete slab designed to BS EN 1992 (Eurocode 2) and that it is of sufficient mass and quality to resist heads of water pressure as recommended by BS 8102:2022. The only place that water will then be able to enter is at the joints, basically where the concrete isn’t.

Ensure the structure is as watertight as possible. Whilst cavity drain membrane systems can deal with high levels of water ingress, to extend the life of the system it should ideally only need to deal with seepage. If just one form of waterproofing is possible, a Type C specification provides the safest waterproofing design for existing structures or alternative forms of construction where Types A and B are impossible.

The Newton Waterproofing Index

The Newton Waterproofing Index (NWI) is a unique scoring system that accurately assesses the level of risk and potential success of waterproofing specifications. NWI scores are awarded by a panel of experienced waterproofing design specialists and reflect the chances of success of each specification.

For more information about NWI scores and how they can help with your project design, read our page explaining the Newton Waterproofing Index and how it works.

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