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Sloping Sites

These Newton Solution Sheets provide the highest degree of waterproofing to structures built into a sloping site, and therefore where a rising bed of water cannot exist.

However, structures built into slopes will still break into existing below-ground watercourses and act as a dam to water that would otherwise have flowed downhill. Any such structure should therefore always use one or more forms of waterproofing protection.

Download Newton Solution Sheets for Structures on Sloping Sites

These downloadable Solution Sheets are a sample of the numerous waterproofing solutions for structures in sloping sites, and provide a comprehensive waterproofing specification tool including all key product information, from NBS Clauses to 2D details, CAD drawings and 3D drawings.

The Solution Sheets have also been scored on the Newton Waterproofing Index as an indication of our expert opinion on the likelihood that the design will achieve the required level of waterproofing.

Recommendations & Standards

Although a ‘Type A’ waterproofing membrane provides a form of waterproofing, it should be understood that the risk of water ingress due to installation defects is reasonably high and so, as advised within BS 8102:2022, consideration should be given to the use of combined protection, where in a single system the risk of water ingress or dampness is unacceptable, or where:

  1. The assessed risks are deemed to be high;
  2. The consequences of failure to achieve the required internal environment are too high; or
  3. Additional vapour checks are necessary for a system where unacceptable water vapour transmission can occur

The structure should be constructed to ensure that it is able to resist the stresses imposed by the groundwater pressure and be engineered or of sufficient mass to resist floatation.

Contingency planning for dealing with any localised defects or system failures should be included as part of the overall water-resisting design for the structure. The issues of repairability and the feasibility of remedial measures should also be assessed. Consider reusable injection waterbar systems and internal ‘Type C’ waterproofing.

The Newton Waterproofing Index

The Newton Waterproofing Index (NWI) is a unique scoring system that accurately assesses the level of risk and potential success of waterproofing specifications. NWI scores are awarded by a panel of experienced waterproofing design specialists and reflect the chances of success of each specification.

For more information about NWI scores and how they can help with your project design, read our page explaining the Newton Waterproofing Index and how it works.

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