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Newton CDM System

The Newton CDM System is a comprehensive Type C waterproofing system and will usually be suggested as one of the forms of waterproofing to provide superior levels of protection against water ingress and where a completely dry internal environment is required.

This maintainable basement waterproofing solution is ideal for both new-build basements and refurbishment projects. The system comprises of BBA approved cavity drain membranes, drainage conduits, sump chambers, pumps, and associated control and telemetry systems.


Type C Waterproofing

British Standard 8102:2022 defines Type C waterproofing as “drained protection” where water leaking through the structure is accepted into voids and air spaces, created by cavity drain membranes that are strategically placed to the inside of the structure, depressurising the incoming water and safely removing it from the property.

A combination of our decades of basement waterproofing experience with our industry-leading products, the Newton CDM Cavity Drainage System includes a range of BBA certified cavity drainage membrane. These membranes, coupled with the bespoke sump and pump configurations, backup systems, telemetry and ancillary options, makes it the most reliable and maintainable waterproofing solution for any habitable space below ground.

What is Combination Waterproofing?

For more robust waterproofing protection, BS 8102:2022 recommends combining two or more Types of waterproofing. The Newton CDM Cavity Drain System can therefore be combined with our Type A solutions Newton HydroBond or Newton HydroSeal, and/or our Type B solution Newton HydroTank.

The Newton Technical Team will work with you to design the right combination of structural waterproofing methods to ensure the end user’s desired internal environment is achieved, in accordance with current legislation and best practice.

Professional waterproofing designers should always consider using more than one type of waterproofing to provide enhanced protection to the structure and achieve the necessary environmental grade.

For more information on the Newton CDM System and to find the products best suited to your project requirements, call our Technical Team on 01732 360 095 or email tech@newtonwaterproofing.co.uk.

CDM Products


CDM 503 Membrane

  • 3mm cavity drain membrane
  • Shallow stud profile for when space is at premium
  • Resistant to chemically aggressive groundwater
  • BBA certified

CDM 503 Mesh Membrane

  • 3mm meshed cavity drain membrane
  • Excellent key for lime mortars, renders, plasters, or dabbed plasterboard
  • 3.5mm in overall thickness for when space is at a premium
  • BBA certified

CDM 508 Membrane

  • 8mm cavity drain membrane
  • The most commonly used membrane in the CDM System
  • Third-party tested for long-term compressive load
  • BBA certified

Newton 508 eco Floor

  • 100% recycled, 8mm cavity drain membrane
  • Diamond stud pattern provides higher compressive resistance with less loading to the substrate
  • BBA certified

CDM 508R Membrane

  • 8mm cavity drain membrane and gas barrier
  • Certified as a barrier to hydrocarbons, radon, methane and CO2
  • Heavier and stronger than standard CDM 508 membrane
  • BBA certified

CDM 508 Mesh Membrane

  • 8mm meshed cavity drain membrane
  • Excellent key for lime mortars, renders, plasters, or dabbed plasterboard
  • Does not require extensive or damaging preparation to the wall surface
  • BBA certified

520 eco Floor Membrane

  • 100% recycled 20mm cavity drain membrane
  • High drainage capacity floor membrane
  • Suitable when there is a risk of severe water penetration
  • BBA certified

CDM BaseDrain & FloorDrain

  • Drainage conduits for the CDM System
  • BaseDrain situated at the base of the wall membrane
  • FloorDrain collects water above construction joints, replaces BaseDrain at door thresholds, and connects the drainage system to the sump chamber

CDM Fibran XPS-500C

  • 50mm deep, closed-cell thermal insulation board
  • Made from rigid extruded polystyrene foam
  • Forms a spacer adjacent to the CDM BaseDrain and FloorDrain system
  • Excellent thermal insulation characteristics

CDM BaseBoard Drainage Channel

  • Unique above-clab drainage conduit
  • Captures water entering properties via the wall/floor junction
  • Suitable when the BaseDrain system cannot be used
  • Only available in the UK from Newton Waterproofing

Titan-Pro Pump System

  • Packaged sump system specifically designed for the CDM
  • Compatible with Newton CP, NP and NP eco pumps
  • Unique shape allows positioning anywhere in the floor area
  • Adjustable neck to accommodate for different floor finishes

Ancillary Products


CDM 906 Lime Inhibitor

  • Applied prior to installation of the CDM System
  • Prevents the 'leaching' of free lime from the concrete
  • Easy to use and handle

CDM Condensation Strip

  • Forms an 8mm gap between drainage channel and wall membrane
  • Prevents finishes from being damaged by condensation
  • Ensures condensation is collected by the BaseDrain

CDM Multi-Plug

  • Fixing plug for securing cavity drain membranes to the wall
  • Provides single fixing point for 5mm screws

CDM Helical MultiPlug Tie

  • Fixes into CDM MultiPlugs for tying in block or brick internal walls
  • Can also be used for fixing insulation within the cavity drain

CDM NuSeal Plugs

  • A longer plug for fixing to vaulted ceilings and sloping soffits
  • Sealed with a bead of CDM Rope
CDM Brick Plug

CDM Brick Plugs

  • Fixing plug for securing CDM membranes to brick and concrete substrates

CDM OverTape

  • Single-sided butyl tape for reinforcing membrane joints
  • Used over joints for the Newton PAC-500 gas system

CDM Rope

  • 10mm diameter bead of butyl rope
  • Forms a sealing grommet at the base of CDM NuSeal Plugs

CDM Mesh Tape

  • Meshed variant of the CDM OverTape
  • Suitable for meshed CDM System membranes
CDM Joint Tape A5

CDM Joint Tape

  • Double-sided butyl sealing tape
  • Used for sealing adjacent sheets of Newton membranes

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