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Newton HydroTank System

The Newton HydroTank System is an integral Type B waterproofing solution for projects that require the below-ground structure itself to be integrally waterproof and to act as the primary resistance to water ingress.

This System included a selection of BDA certified waterbars, waterstops, flanges, sealants and capillary blocking treatments that are used to seal the joints and penetrations through the concrete and achieve an effective Type B solution.

Technical Drawing showing Integral Waterproofing (Type B)

Type B Waterproofing

British Standard 8102:2022 defines Type B waterproofing as designing the structure itself to be integrally waterproof and the primary resistance to water ingress.

Nothing provides better primary resistance to water than a well-designed and well-placed reinforced concrete structure, designed in accordance with BS EN 1992 with sufficient steel reinforcement to limit flexural and sectional cracking and therefore produce watertight concrete elements.

The use of correctly designed and installed waterbars at the places where the concrete isn’t, such as at joints and penetrations, will result in a Type B structure that should be fully watertight.

HydroTank Products



  • Cable entries & sealing systems
  • Guaranteed against water and gases
  • Specialist mechanical solutions
  • Off-the-shelf and bespoke options




  • Patented tie-bolt hole sealing
  • Delivers massive time and cost savings
  • Certified against water, fire, acids and alkalines, and radon



HydroTank 302 Injection Hose

  • High-performance injectable waterbar system
  • Used for sealing construction joints
  • Resistant to permanent water pressure of 2 bar
  • Quicker to install than conventional waterbars



HydroTank 308 Stopaq

  • Single-component, highly flexible sealing compound
  • Used for sealing conduits and pipes through service duct sleeves
  • Never cures, remaining permanently flexible
  • Provides permanent and optimal sealing



HydroTank 301 EP Metal Waterbar

  • Metal construction joint waterbar
  • Immediate protection against water pressure
  • 100% waterproof up to 5 bar of water pressure
  • More durable than conventional waterbars



HydroTank 315 Waterbar

  • High-grade hydrophilic waterbar
  • High elasticity and high tensile strength
  • Swells when in contact with moisture
  • BDA approved for proven performance



TRADECC PC Leakinject 2K Flex 6811 LV

  • Two-component polyurethane resin
  • Elastic PU resin with low viscosity
  • Developed for sealing walls, floors and underground structures
  • Suitable for use with HydroTank 302 Injection Hose



TRADECC PC 509 Z Acryl

  • Four-component acrylic resin
  • Elastic acrylic resin with low viscosity
  • Reacts into an elastic, durable gel
  • Use with HydroTank 302 Injection Hose for a maintainable system



HydroTank 104

  • Crystalline waterproofing of concrete
  • Blocks the capillaries in the concrete
  • Cost-effective alternative to a physical Type A membrane
  • Extremely easy application


Ancillary Products


HydroTank 306 Swell Mastic

  • Fast-curing, swellable, single-component adhesive sealant
  • Swells up to 200% of its original size
  • Very high resistance to water pressure
  • Maintain high elasticity and tensile strength



HydroTank 309 Waterbar Adhesive

  • Durable, fast-curing, and elastic adhesive
  • Excellent bonding on most building materials
  • Extremely strong and permanently elastic
  • Does not cause any corrosion in methal joints


Combination Waterproofing

For more robust waterproofing protection, BS 8102:2022 recommends combining two or more Types of waterproofing. Newton HydroTank can therefore be combined with our external Type A HydroBond System, our internal Type A HydroSeal System and/or our Type C CDM System.

The Newton Technical Team will work with you to design the right combination of structural waterproofing methods to ensure the end user’s desired internal environment is achieved, in accordance with current legislation and best practice.

Professional waterproofing designers should always consider using more than one type of waterproofing to provide enhanced protection the structure and achieve the necessary environmental grade.

For more information on the Newton HydroTank System and to find the products best suited to your project requirements, call our Technical Team on 01732 360 095 or email tech@newtonwaterproofing.co.uk.

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