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Acrylic Injection Resins

When it comes to concrete repair, TRADECC‘s high-quality acrylic injection resins can permanently water seal cracks and joints due to good elastic properties and adjustable reaction times. These resins are very suitable for compartment membrane injections and curtain injection in the tunnelling industry.

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PC 509 Z Acryl

PC 509 Z Acryl

A four-component, elastic acrylic resin with low viscosity that reacts into an elastic, durable gel. Suitable for the water sealing of cracks and voids in walls, floors, concrete constructions and underground structures.

Acrylic Resin

PC 509 Rubber Acryl

A five-component, highly elastic acrylic resin with low viscosity. Properties include excellent cohesion upon swelling and good stability. Ideally suited for water sealing underground structures and curtain injections.

  • When Are Acrylic Injection Resins Needed?

    Acrylic injection resins are a valuable tool for addressing deterioration of concrete and preventing structural damage. They are primarily used for sealing leaks and cracks in concrete structures, offering a highly effective solution in various situations:

    • Waterproofing cracks and joints: This is their most common application, addressing leaks in walls, floors, basements, underground structures, and other concrete elements, ultimately contributing to the protection of concrete from further water damage.
    • Curtain injection: This technique creates a waterproof barrier on the external applications of a building by injecting the resin into the ground around the foundation, effectively preventing water ingress from the exterior.
    • Membrane injections: These injections are used to create a watertight barrier behind existing structures, such as retaining walls, providing crucial protection of concrete from water infiltration on the inside.

    They are particularly well-suited for these applications due to their several key properties:

    • Low viscosity: This allows them to penetrate even the finest cracks, ensuring a thorough and complete seal.
    • Hydrophilic: They absorb water, causing them to swell and further tighten the seal, ultimately leading to a more effective repair.
    • Elasticity: This allows them to accommodate movement in the structure without cracking, providing a long-lasting solution.

    Therefore, whenever you encounter leaks or cracks in concrete structures that threaten the integrity of the building or require protection of concrete from further deterioration, acrylic injection resins can be a highly effective repair method to consider. However, it’s important to consult with a qualified professional to determine the most appropriate and effective repair solution for your specific situation.

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