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3D Drawing of a Metal Construction Joint Waterbar

Metal Construction Joint Waterbar

HydroTank 301-EP Metal Waterbar

Resin Injection Hose Waterbar

Resin Injection Hose Waterbar

HydroTank 302 Injection Hose

Detail of a Movement Joint

Movement Joint Profile

FlexProof 305 ActiveJoint - 20/26

Newton Swelling Adhesive Mastic

Swelling Adhesive Mastic

HydroTank 306 Swell Mastic

Newton Stopaq Pipe Sealant

Pipe Sealant Through Service Duct Sleeves

Stopaq Application Set

HydroTank 309 Flexible Adhesive Mastic

Elastic Adhesive Mastic

HydroTank 309 Flexible Adhesive

HydroSeal 313-WP WaterPlug

Fast Setting Polymer Compound to Seal Leaks

HydroCoat 313-WP

Application of HydroBond 314 Bentonite Granules

Detailing Bentonite Granules

HydroBond 314 Bentonite Granules

Detail of Newton Hydrophilic Waterbar

High Grade Hydrophilic Waterbar

HydroTank 315 Waterbar

Newton Resin Injection Packers and Resin Cleaning

Resin Injection Packers and Cleaning Agents

TRADECC Injection Resin Ancillaries

Hauff Technik Wall Collar

External Sealing of Pipes

Hauff-Technik Sealing Systems

External Sealing of Service Entry Sleeves - Wall Sleeve

External Sealing of Service Entry Sleeves

Hauff-Technik Sealing Systems

Huaff Technik Press Seal

Sealing of Cables & Pipes Within Service Sleeves

Hauff-Technik Sealing Systems

Newton HydroSeal Monoflex Construction Joint Sealing

High Performance Construction Joint Sealing

HydroCoat Monoflex

Using a hand rivet tool to install RiveStop tie hole seals

Concrete Tie-Bolt Hole Sealing & Waterproofing

RiveStop System

Polyurethane Resin

Polyurethane Injection Resins

TRADECC Injection Resins

Acrylic Resin

Acrylic Injection Resins

TRADECC Injection Resins

Concrete Joint and Leak Sealing

A range of products used to waterproof construction joints and movement joints of retained concrete structures so that they become integrally waterproof.

The Importance of Concrete Joint Sealing

Concrete joints are essential. They allow the concrete to shrink as it dries, preventing internal restraint which would lead to cracking, and they also allow it to expand and contract under different temperature conditions.

Whilst there are different types of concrete joints, if the structure is below ground then it needs to be protected against water ingress, and waterproofing products will be required to seal them. This is as well as any service or pipe penetrations and any cracks that may also appear in the concrete.

Concrete joint sealing products allow the structure to expand, contract and move without affecting its waterproofing integrity and even prevent contaminants in the soil from entering the structure.

Newton’s Concrete Joint and Leak Sealing Products

Our innovative range of products can be used to waterproof joints in concrete and provide a Type B waterproofing structure that acts as the primary form of resistance to water ingress. This includes all below-ground structures, including tunnels, basements, water tanks, and podium decks.

Concrete injection resins are also an effective method of leak sealing in a wide range of scenarios. From creating Type B waterproof structures using injection hoses to repairing leaks and cracks in existing concrete structures.

Have a read of these projects where concrete joint and leak sealing were successfully addressed.

Newton 302 Injection Hose

Newton 302 Injection Hose is a high-performance waterbar system for sealing construction joints in earth retaining and water retaining concrete structures. The waterbar is installed within the joint and, once the concrete is cured, an injection resin is pumped into the hose under pressure. The resin penetrates the surrounding concrete within the construction joint, and cures to create a permanent seal for any cracks, capillaries, pores, and honeycombing within the structure.

Depending on the injection requirement, Newton can supply the whole range of high quality acrylic and polyurethane resins from our specialist resin supplier Tradecc.

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