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  1. High-Performance Joint Sealing: Designed for construction, movement, and expansion joints, HydroCoat Monoflex accommodates irregular and frequent movement while maintaining a waterproof seal over the joint.
  2. Versatile Adhesive System: Consists of flexible polyolefine (FPO) tape and solvent-free epoxy adhesive, providing a reliable bonding agent for sealing construction joints, movement joints, and cracks in below-ground and water-retaining structures.
  3. Easy Application, Excellent Bonding: HydroCoat Monoflex Adhesive is easy to mix and apply on-site, requiring no primer, and exhibits excellent bonding characteristics with a wide range of building materials, even under damp conditions, making it an integral part of the Newton HydroCoat System for internal Type A waterproofing solutions.

A high performance joint sealing system for construction, movement and expansion joints. Newton HydroCoat Monoflex is particularly suitable in critical areas where irregular, high and/or frequent movement might be expected, as it is able to accommodate the movement whilst maintaining the waterproof seal over the joint.

The system consists of the HydroCoat Monoflex waterproofing tape, manufactured from a flexible polyolefine (FPO) which is installed to the substrate with the suitable Newton HydroCoat Monoflex Adhesive.

Newton HydroCoat Monoflex Adhesive is a two-component, versatile and solvent-free epoxy adhesive which is used as the bonding agent for sealing construction joints, movement joints and cracks in below-ground and water-retaining structures with the HydroCoat Monoflex joint sealing system.

HydroCoat Monoflex Adhesive is easy to mix and apply on site, requires no primer, and exhibits excellent bonding characteristics with a wide range of common building materials, even under damp conditions.

The HydroCoat Monoflex system is an ancillary within the Newton HydroCoat System, an internal Type A waterproofing solution for projects that require an internally applied system to resist water ingress.

  • Key Benefits
  • Typical Applications
  • Technical Data
  • Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    HydroCoat Monoflex waterproofing tape:

    • Waterproofs construction joints that are subject to extreme movement
    • Easy and quick to install and repair
    • Excellent adhesion to different substrates with HydroCoat Monoflex Adhesive
    • Resistant to high water pressure (≥ 4.0 bar)
    • Applicable on dry and damp concrete

    HydroCoat Monoflex Adhesive:

    • No primer required
    • Excellent adhesion to most building materials
    • Bonds to damp substrates
    • Low odour
    • Resistant to water, weathering and a wide range of chemicals
    • Excellent chemical properties and cohesive strength
    • Colour-coded components to ensure correct and easy mixing

    Typical Applications

    Typical Applications

    Sealing of construction joints, movement joints, pipe penetrations, and cracks in all types of below-ground and water-retaining structures, such as:

    • Basements
    • Tunnels, culverts and hydroelectric plants
    • Swimming pools
    • Sewage and water treatment plants

    Technical Data

    Technical Data

     HydroCoat Monoflex  Result
    Colour Grey
    Material Flexible polyolefine
    Thickness 1.0 mm
    Weight 930 g/m2
    Resistance to temperature -30 to +90ºC
    Tear resistance – Lengthwise 15 N/mm2
    Tear resistance – Across 15 N/mm2
    Elongation at break – Lengthwise 620%
    Elongation at break – Across 670%
    Tear resistance (nail shank) – Lengthwise 260 N
    Tear resistance (nail shank) – Across 260 N
    Water vapour permeability 60 m
    UV-resistance min. ≥ 6500 h
    Shore A hardness Approx. 87
    Bonding strength ≥ 4.0 N/mm2
    Peel test on wood carrier ≥ 100 N
    Water tightness – 60 kPa/24 Std Watertight
    Water tightness – 400 kPa/72 Std Watertight
    Burst pressure ≥ 4.0 bar
    Reaction to fire Class E
     HydroCoat Monoflex Adhesive  Result
    Form – Two components Liquid epoxy adhesive
    Colour Light grey
    Specific gravity 1.5 g/cm3
    Application temperature range +3 to +30°C
    Curing time at 20°C 10 to 12 hours
    Compressive strength – 1 day at 20°C 40 MPa
    Compressive strength – 7 days at 20°C 75 MPa
    Tensile strength 18 MPa
    Moisture resistance – Increase at 28 days < 0.4%
    Lap shear strength – To grit blasted steel 14 MPa2
    Shrinkage on curing Negligible
    Hold up > 15 mm

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