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Limehouse Link Tunnel, the busy London commuter tunnel that stretches beneath East London, was experiencing unwanted water ingress near the roof of the structure. Newton Specialist Contractor, and injection resin specialist, ASF Waterproofing were brought in to repair the structural cracks and concrete joints.

The Project

The Limehouse Link Tunnel stretches 1.1 miles beneath East London, connecting The Highway to Canary Wharf in London Docklands. The main contractor, RMS (A13) Plc, contact Newton Specialist Basement Contractor ASF Waterproofing regarding repairs to the entrance of the tunnel, where there was evidence of water ingress.

The Solution

ASF Waterproofing, who are specialists in injection resins and structural repair work, worked with Newton Waterproofing to provide a suitable waterproofing solution. Following an initial investigation, ASF opted to inject PC Leakinject Uni 6816 E resin into the structural cracks and concrete joints.

As the water ingress was located near the roof of the tunnel, it needed to close for the repairs to be carried out. This was only possible between 11pm and 4am to minimise disruption to the roads of London.
ASF required a cherry picker and scissor lift to reach the area, so after set up and leaving time to clear the site, ASF were left with approximately a 4 hour window to carry out the works each night.

PC Leakinject Uni 6816 E is part of TRADECC's high-performance specialist injection resin range for water sealing, soil consolidation, structural repair and concrete repair products. Forming a hard, high-strength seal within structural cracks and joints, PC Leakinject Uni 6816 E penetrates deep into the substrate in order to stem the flow of unwanted water ingress and return the structure to full working order.

The Result

Considering the challenging time windows presented to ASF, the project was completed in a timely manner, with both the tunnel and the vehicles that use it now protected from unwanted water ingress.

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"Despite the challenges presented to us with this project, ASF managed to successfully waterproof the Limehouse Link Tunnel using the specialist injection resin, PC Leakinject Uni 6816 E. This resin was ideal for this project, due to its ability to react quickly with water to effectively seal cracks in concrete."
Shaun King - Director, ASF Waterproofing, Newton Specialist Contractor

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