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Hauff-Technik Sealing Systems

Every home requires a connection for waste water. So that your building is sealed right from the start, Hauff-Technik offers a range of varied and innovative solutions for sealing waste water lines in basement walls or floor slabs that are both professional and cost-effective.

Hauff Technik Wall Collar

KG-FIX Wall Collar

Water barrier flange for the watertight integration of waste water pipelines into concrete walls and floors.

PDF icon KG-FIX Data Sheet PDF icon KG-FIX Assembly Instructions PDF icon KG-FIX Test Report
Universal Wall Entry

Universal Wall Entry

Water and gas-tight waste pipe entry that prevents deposits and backflow in the sewer system.

PDF icon Universal Wall Entry Assembly Instructions PDF icon Universal Wall Entry Test Report - Concrete PDF icon Universal Wall Entry Test Report - Membrane
Tundish Waste Pipe Entry

Tundish Waste Pipe Entry

Provides an optimum water and gas-tight seal through concrete floor slabs to the underground sewer pipe.

PDF icon Tundish Assembly Instructions PDF icon Tundish Test Report

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