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Newton are the UK licensed partner of the RiveStop system, a unique and patented method for sealing tie-bolt holes in concrete walls that delivers massive time and cost savings compared to the alternative mortars in the market.

The system is composed of three simple elements:

  1. RivePipe – A removable, reusable and recyclable formwork tube that protects tie bars within the concrete, and once removed leaves a clean, uniform tie hole.
  2. RiveOut – The manual extraction tool for easily removing RivePipe tubes from concrete walls in a matter of seconds.
  3. RiveStop – A patented rivet system that is quickly and easily installed, expanding to 50% of its original diameter to hermetically seal any tie-bolt holes left by the RivePipe.

Overall, RiveStop delivers savings of up to 90% in terms of both man hours and material costs compared other alternatives in the UK waterproofing market.

  • Key Benefits
  • Typical Applications
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  • Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    • Reliable – Avoid the risk of water and gas leaks compared to the conventional PVC tubes method
    • Reusable – RivePipe units can be reused over and over, usually for a minimum of 20 times.
    • Easy to Use – No training is required, and the system can be installed in any weather or temperature.
    • Quick – Installation is 10-times faster than existing methods, as high as 360 to 500 RiveStop units per hour dependent on whether you are using the manual or electric rivet method.
    • Adaptable – RivePipe units are available in different lengths dependent on wall thickness, and RiveStop units have variety of diameters, materials and finishes.
    • Safe – The system is certified as a barrier against water pressure, sound pollution, fire, acidic or saline solutions, and radon.
    • Durable – RiveStop adapts to the size and shape of the tie-bolt hole, ensuring a 100% watertight, permanent seal for the lifetime of the concrete.

    Typical Applications

    Typical Applications

    Any water-retaining or concrete structure, including:

    • New residential, office and commercial buildings
    • Architectural facades
    • Underground car parks
    • Reparation and maintenance projects
    • Pools and waterparks
    • Offshore works
    • Bridges and roads
    • Tunnels and metro/subway systems
    • Reservoirs and dams
    • Water tanks
    • Water treatment plants
    • Desalination plants
    • Wind turbine platforms

    Installation Video

    Installation Video

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