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Written by Warren Muschialli

Sump pumps are designed to remove ground water from basements and cellars. They are available as manual or automatically operated pumps and can function either alone or as part of a specifically designed pumping system.

All of our pumps are supplied with a standard 3-year or 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, however, on average, a sump pump should last for approximately ten years, provided that a) the pump has been correctly specified for the scenario and the best efficient point (BEP) has been calculated for its use, and b) the pump has been serviced annually.

How to Know When a Sump Pump Needs Replacing

Installing Newton Sump Pumps

Installing Newton sump pumps in the boathouse

Even if you regularly use your basement, it would not necessarily be obvious if there is a problem with the pumping system, which is why regular servicing is so important. Furthermore, if your basement is used purely for storage then you may not notice a fault with your sump pump until actual damage has been caused.

To combat this, it is important to regularly check your sump pump for obvious signs of faults – we would suggest that you do this every month.

The clearest sign that your pump is not working is if water starts accumulating on your basement floor. This situation will require quick action to avoid further damage and will likely be caused when a sump pump hasn’t been functioning correctly for some time.

Other signs that your sump pump is damaged or not functioning properly include:

  • Strange Noises

If you hear any unusual grinding or grating noises coming from your sump pump, the most likely cause is a damaged component.

Components such as the motor bearings may have become worn, or the impeller fan may have jammed or become misshapen. Depending on the damage, it may be possible to repair the pump before considering a replacement.

  • Excessive Vibration

If your sump pump appears to be vibrating more than usual, it’s likely that the impeller fan is damaged.

If your pump has sucked up any dirt or debris, the impeller fan may have become misshapen. If this is the case, then the unit will need replacing.

  • Continually Running

Sump pumps only run when there is water present which needs to be removed. If your sump pump is constantly running even without water, the most likely cause is a float switch that is defective or jammed/stuck on.

It may be possible to replace the switch on its own, however with certain pumps it may be more economical to replace the entire pump for a new one.

  • Odd Pump Cycles

If you’ve noticed that your pump repeatedly switches on and off even during times of heavy rain then this may indicate an internal problem. If the float switch is wrongly adjusted, i.e., it is set at too low a level, then your pump may be turning on when only a very small amount of water is present in the sump chamber.

Other potential causes for intermittent or unusual pump cycles include wiring malfunctions and loose cable connections.

  • Signs of Rust

If you’ve noticed any signs of rust on the pump housing or the strainer stand at the base of the pump, this is due to chemical reaction called corrosion. This is a different form of rust that does not develop as quickly as common rust that you might see on metals that are left outdoors, and fortunately corrosion is not as detrimental in the short to medium term life of the pump.

Despite this, an annual inspection is still recommended during the pump service, especially to the retaining bolts of the strainer stand.

It’s also worth noting that metal rusts faster in salt water than in freshwater, and therefore only specialist stainless steel pumps should be used if a pump is to be used for salt water, otherwise irreparable damage may be caused to the pump and the pumping system

If you’ve experienced any of these issues, it’s probably a good idea to contact a professional pump servicing engineer for specialist advice.

Basement Pumping Systems from Newton Waterproofing

An example of a Titan-2 sump chamber with pumps installed
At Newton Waterproofing, we supply a range of water removal devices and systems that can be installed by our Specialist Contractors.

From water pumps and drainage systems to control panels and pipework, all our water removal technology is designed to the highest possible standards. We also supply a range of ancillary products and most of our products can be used in conjunction with other Newton systems to create a full basement waterproofing solution.

Our extensive range of submersible pumps are available with a wide selection of specific functionalities. Whether you want a pump to remove clean ground water, grey water, effluent, or sewage from your basement, we can recommend the best pumping systems for your situation.

View our Basement Pumping Systems

Our network of Specialist Contractors can also provide servicing at regular intervals to ensure your pump operates smoothly for its entire lifespan. Every pump is supplied with a standard manufacturer’s warranty, however, when the system is maintained by a Newton Specialist Contractor the warranty period will increase.

If you would like to find out more about Newton Waterproofing products, get in touch today. Call us on 01732 360 095 or send us a message using the form below.

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